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Do salamanders eat fish?

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Yes Salamanders Eat Fish But Pet Ones May Or May not. It depends which kind of Salamander they are but most pet Salamanders do not eat fish most of the wild and dangerous ones do so you are able to put fish with salamanders but look them up first.

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Does salamanders eat fish?


Do salamanders eat small fish?


Do salamanders eat fish food?


Can salamanders eat fish food?

Yes they can eat fish food and little fish and fish pellets as well.

Can i put salamanders in an aquarium with fish?

I assume by "salamanders" you actually mean "axolotl". If that is the case then the answer is no. The Axolotl will eat any fish it is in with.

What kind of fish food do salamanders eat?


What does Chinese giant salamanders eat?

Chinese giant salamanders dwell in cool mountain streams, where they eat insects, frogs and fish.

Who are the salamanders enemies?

Especcially carnivore fish, birds and mammals prey on salamanders. There are many snakes preying on amfibians, but they eat mostly frogs not salamanders.

What other animals eat salamanders?

They can, depending how big it is, a bird or fish might eat it

Do salamanders eat frogs?

Salamanders eat frogs, mosquito eggs, small fish and tadpoles. They are able to get their food by out swimming them and then catch them with their wide mouths.

What kind of insects do salamanders eat?

Some salamanders eat crickets. Also, some salamanders eat very small fish. Oh and some other salamanders don't like to be kept as pets. Please don't drop them when some salamanders are out of the water. Thanks for listening! I have answered seven of these questions on Wikianswer.

What eats salamander?

A salamanders can be eaten by crocodiles and sometimes fish. Some of the bigger salamanders will eat a smaller salamander if it is hungry.

Will black salamanders eat any tipe of fish food?

they eat frogs, worms and ants

What animal eats an earthworm?

birds, fish, turtles, salamanders, and raccoons eat them.

What does the griffin eat from the movie of the spiderwick chronicles?

Salamanders, fish & baby dragons.

Can frilled lizards eat salamanders?

Yes they can eat salamanders

What types of peanuts will salamanders eat?

salamanders do not eat peanuts

What do Alpine Salamanders eat?

Alpine salamanders eat a similar diet to other salamanders. They will eat invertebrates such as insects, slugs, and earthworms.

Will salamanders eat bugs that are dead?

No, salamanders will not eat dead things.

Do salamanders eat snakes?

No. Salamanders are too small to eat snakes.

What do sallmandars eat?

If you mean salamanders they eat insects and captive salamanders eat worms aswell

What do blue spotted salamanders eat in winter?

Salamanders hibernate in winter, and do not eat..

Can spotted salamanders eat goldfish flake food?

Yes they can i feed mine gold fish food

Do spotted salamanders eat worms?

Yes, spotted salamanders eat worms. They eat living things.

Do salamaders eat ants?

Salamanders are Herbivores which are animals that eat plants so there for Salamanders do not eat ants

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