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Do sea lions have gills?

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No. These animals are mammals, they breathe air.

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Does seals have gills?

yeah coz' seals and sea lions are fish aren't they

Does a sea star have gills?

a sea star does not have gills for it is not a fish only fish have gills

Do sea stars have gills or lungs?

Sea stars have gills

Why are Sea Lions called lions?

Sea lions are called sea lions because they dominate like lions and they live in the sea

Do sea otters have gills?

Sea otters do not have gills because they are mammals.

Why are sea lions called sea lions?

They are the lions of the sea, have whiskers like lions but swim in the ocean

What are the threats to Sea-lions?

what are the major threats to the sea lions

Do sea turtles have lungs and gills?

Sea Turtles have lungs - not gills. They hold their breath when they dive.

What colour are sea lions?

Sea Lions are gray

Why sea lions are sea lions called?

They are stupid

What do baby sea lions do?

What do baby sea lions do?

Do lions have lungs?

No, they are a special type of creature that does not require breath. Instead, Lions breath out of gills.

Does octopus have gills?

Yes they do.All sea creatures have gills.

Do sea stars have lungs or gills?

They have gills and tubular feet

Are sea lions mammals or birds?

Sea lions are mammals.

What is the collective noun for sea lions?

a curse of sea lions

Do sea anemones have gills?


Do sea cows have gills?


Do sea cucumbers have gills or lungs?

they have gills at the side of them, like in their anus

Do sea urchin breathe with gills?

actually yes yes they do. sea urchins have five gills that surround their mouth.

Do sea turtles have gills?

Sea turtles have lungs, not gills. They hold their breath - which they're very good at - when they dive.

Are there sea lions in Antarctica?

There are sea lions in Antarctica. Both sea lions and seals are able to live in the harsh climate of Antarctica.

How does a sea cow breathe?

Sea cow does not have gills

How many sea lions are endangered?

sea lions are very endangerd

What is the sea lions habitat?

Sea lions mainly live in antarctica