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Sea otters are able to camouflage themselves with the kelp in the water. They are also known to float around on beds of kelp.

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What is a sea otter's camouflage?

sea otters camouflage by wrapping themselves with the kelp

Do sea otters live in kelp forests?

Sea otters do not eat kelp but they do live in the kelp forests. They use the deep cover as protection from predators. Sea otters eat the red sea urchin that will destroy a kelp forest if left unchecked.

How do sea otters do to the kelp forest?

One of kelp's predators is the sea urchin. Sea otters eat sea urchins, that is how they help kelp. (that rhymes)

What do sea otters do to the kelp forest?

Sea otters tangle themselves up in the kelp, while they sleep, so they do not float away

How do otters help the kelp?

Otters help kelp, by keeping sea urchin numbers down, allowing the kelp forests to grow.

What is a sea otters nickname?

kelp grizzly

Do sea otters use camouflage?

no they do not

What do sea otters use for shelter?

sea otters usually hide among sea kelp or on or in amongst rocks.

What is a sea otters habitat?

Sea otters live in kelp forests in groups called rafts various places.

What kind of creatures live in Kelp forests?

Sea Urchins Sea Otters,and many crusteseans live in Kelp Forests.

What eats Kelp crabs?

Fish, birds, octopi, and sea otters eats Kelp crabs.

Which whales eat Kelp?

Killer whales eat kelp from time to time. Other animals that eat kelp include sea otters and sea urchins.

What eats kelp in the food web?

Sea Urchins eat kelp forests, but sea otters help the forest because they eat the sea urchins.

How do Sea Otters defend themselves?

It Swims Away Or Hides In Kelp

What is a sea otters niche in the ecosystem?

It feeds on the organisms that feed on the kelp

What is the sea otter's niche in the ocean?

A Sea otters niche in the ocean is to keep kelp forests healthy. they do this by feeding on the animals that graze on kelp.

How does kelp depend on other animals?

Sea Otters eat abalone which eat the kelp. Kelp provides a safe fish nursery for fry.

How do kelp beds help sea otters?

Kelp acts as an anchor point for a sea otter. A sea otter will wrap itself with stands of kelp, which in turn stops the otter from floating out to sea, when taking a nap. And eat

What would happen if sea otters died?

Sea otters eat various species that consume kelp. Kelp forests are essential habitats for many marine organisms near the Pacific coast of North America. Without the sea otter, these species, such as sea urchins, consume enough kelp to nearly eliminate the kelp forest altogether. This is currently damaging many marine ecosystems. Hopefully, sea otter populations will recover and eat enough of the urchins to save the kelp forests. In the meantime, we must do what we can to protect the sea otters.

What kind of animals live in the kelp forest?

Sea otters and sea urchins are two examples.

What is an example of symbiosis in kelp forest?

The kelp uses the sea urchins to keep it in check, from growing too much. However, the sea urchins eat kelp, so they destroy kelp growth. Also, sea otters eat urchins, and they live in the kelp forest.

What lives in the kelp forest?

Many things live in a kelp forest or kelp bed. Such things include seahorses, sea otters, sea urchins,and many types of fish and crustaceans.

What do sea otters like to eat?

Sea otters mostly like to eat sea urchins but also mussels, mollusks, and some other kelp forest invertebrates.

What is the purpose of otters?

they control the population of sea urchin which helps kelp grow.

What niche does the sea otter live in?

Sea otters' niche is to keep kelp forests and the like healthy.

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