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Do sea urchins lay eggs?

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Yes, In fact, A female sea urchin can lay up to 500 million eggs in her lifetime. These eggs are released out into the sea. A male sea urchin releases billions of sperm cells. When the egg and sperm meet, the baby sea urchin floats around until it matures.

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Do sea urchins produce live young?

No, they lay eggs.

How do sea urchins lay eggs?

They either spit them out of there mouth or drop a spike and it makes a new body.

Do sea urchins come from eggs?


How many eggs do sea urchins lay?

The female sea urchin produces several million eggs per year, and the reproductive organs of a sea urchin can be up to 80 percent of a sea urchin's mass during mating season.

Can you eat sea urchins eggs?

Answer If you are brave enough to eat sea a urchin's eggs, then yes.

Do baby sea urchin stay with their parents for how long?

Sea urchins and other echinoderms do not raise their young. They just lay the eggs and the babies have to fend for themselves when they hatch.

Do sea turtles lay eggs?

Yes, sea turtles do lay eggs.

Does a sea star lay eggs?

yes sea stars do lay eggs

Why do you think that frogs only produce hundreds of eggs at a time whereas sea urchins must produce millions if they are to reproduce effectively?

Frogs are much more active and efficient parents than sea urchins are. Frogs are able to protect and care for eggs until they hatch, whereas sea urchins cannot. Therefore, sea urchins need to produce more eggs to account for higher mortality.

Do leatherback sea turtles lay eggs?

Leatherback sea turtles lay eggs to make more of them.

Where do sea snakes lay their eggs?

Sea snakes do not lay eggs. They give birth to live young.

How many eggs can a sea turtle lay?

a sea turtle can lay 50-160 eggs but they lay 10 per minute.

Do sea turtles lay eggs in the sand?

Yes. Sea turtles lay eggs in the sand. They did a hole, lay their eggs in it, then cover it up. The babies will dig their way out.

Does a sea lay eggs?


Do any male animals lay eggs?

Sea Horses lay eggs .

Where do puffer fish lay their eggs?

they can lay their eggs anywhere in the sea but most likely to lay them high up no sharks and in a sea cave

How many eggs does a sea turtle lay?

Sea turtles will lay aproximatly 50-200 eggs at a time.

How many eggs will a sea cucumber lay?

sea cucumber wil lay approximately 140-1000 eggs

How many eggs do a sea turtle lay?

Sea turtles will lay aproximatly 150-2000 eggs at a time

Goes from the sea to the river to lay eggs?

Salmon definitely go from the sea and up river to spawn (lay eggs)

Do only female sea turtles lay eggs?

no male sea turtles can also lay eggs when they are mid-aged.

Do sea turtles return and and nest at the same place?

Sea turtles lay their eggs where they were born and then those eggs lay their eggs where they were born and so on.

How are sea urchins born?

They come from eggs. The sea urchin's eggs rise to the surface of the water and float around for several months. Then they hatch out.

How many eggs do sea urchins produce?

a couple millon per year

Do sea anemone lay eggs?

no they have sea section

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