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No. Sea urchins live in the sea.

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How deep in the sea do sea urchins live?

How deep do sea urchins live

Where do sea urchins live?

Sea urchins live in the sea, rock pools, kelp forests, and coral reefs

Can sea urchins live outside of water?

No, or they wouldn't be called *sea* urchins.

What lives with Sea Urchins?

its a live sea animal its a live sea animal its a live sea animal its a live sea animal its a live sea animal

Can sea urchins live in fresh water?

Sea urchins are ocean creatures, and do not survive in fresh water. Sea urchins can only thrive in a seawater environment.

What is the sea urchins habitat?

Sea urchins live any where the waters salty mainly in the pacific ocean.

Where do purple sea urchins live in nature?

Purple sea urchins live in close association with kelp forests. Kelp is their primary food.

Do sea urchins die if they are not in the water?

yes they will. Sea Urchins need water to live, just like other sea creatures.

How many sea urchins are in a square yard?

there are none because sea urchins live in water and not on land unless they are dead

Do sea urchins live in groups?

It depends on the species of sea urchin

Which ocean is sea urchin is in?

sea urchins live in all oceans. :-)

What temperature do sea urchins live in?

Sea urchins prefer temperatures at 82 degrees. They can live in salt water temperatures from 72 to 86 degrees though.

What are urchins and where do you find them?

Urchins is a term generally refering to what is commonly known as sea urchins. They are small animals that live in the sea that look like tiny prickly bushes.

Do sea urchins live in the coral reef?

The sea urchin live in the coral reef :p

Where do the sea stars and sea urchins life?

they have sex and they live in vthe ocean

How long can sea urchins live out of water?

What is the time limit of sea urchins out of water before they die like 2 min

Where do sea urchins live in the sea?

Sea urchins live all over. They are common on rocky tidal areas, but are found from the intertidal to the deep ocean. They also are found in both warm and cold waters.

Where do green sea urchins live?

They live in all oceans, cold or hot

What are a sea urchins threats?

what are a sea urchins movement

What decomposers live in the ocean?

Usually starfish and sea urchins.

Do sea urchin's live in Hawaii?

this this is a girls from il. who wants to know how long sea urchin's live yes, sea urchins live in hawia =)

What sea animals eat sea urchins?

sea otters eat sea urchins

Where do sea urchins come from?

sea urchins come from the ocean

Are sea urchins a mammal?

Sea urchins are echinoderms, not mammals.

How long do purple sea urchins live?

It lives to be about 30 years.

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