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Seahorses tend to like Shallow Waters More than Deep Waters

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Do seahorses live underwater?

Yes they live in shallow tropical and temperate waters.

Do clams live in shallow waters or deep waters?

freshwater clam's live in shallow water.

Does a seahorse live in shallow medium or deep water?

they live in shallow, tropical waters

Where do comb jellies live?

in shallow or deep waters

Do killer whales live in shallow or deep water?

Normally in the deep waters, they are very wary of their surroundings and dont go into shallow waters for safety.

Do killer whales live in deep or shallow waters?

no they do not live in shallow water because they are way to big.

Are seahorses able to live in cold waters?

Seahorses can live in waters a cold as 5c

Do eels live in shallow or deep waters?

depends what breed of eel but mostly deep water.

What kind of waters do squids live in shallow or deep?

Squid are a type of cephalopod. They do not live in shallow water, even though they may venture there, they prefer to live in deep water.

Do sperm whales live in shallow or deep waters?

sperm whales do not prefer to live in shallow waters because there isn't much space to live. so sperm whales live in deep water and dive about 1000m under the sea level.

How deep do seahorses live in the oceans?

Seahorses do not live very deep in the ocean. They much prefer to stay near the grassy coastline of warm waters. An adult seahorse can reach 5 inches in length.

Do seahorses live at the bottom of the ocean?

The seahorse is a species of fish that live exclusively in salt water. They do not live at the bottom of the ocean but prefer to live in the shallow waters near the coastline.

What zone in the ocean do jellyfish live in?

There isn't one specific zone where jellyfish live in the ocean. They can be found in both the shallow waters and the deep waters.

Do seahorses like the cold?

No, they live in warmer waters along coasts in temperate climates and in the oceans of the tropics. They live in shallow waters so they can stay warmer, until winter when they move to deeper waters to avoid the colder surface water.

What kind of area do seahorses live in?

sea horses will most likely live in shallow reaf waters from the ocean, but during breeding or nesting, they may move to deeper waters in search for better habitat protection.

Where does tigersharks live?

florida up to 10 feet deep so in florida very shallow waters

What habitat do seashorses live in?

Seahorses usually live in shallow weedy areas, such as eel grass beds. In winter, however, they move into deeper waters to escape the rough weather.

Does a grouper live in shallow or deep water?

Grouper are mainly deep water fish, some species are found in waters nearly 500 feet deep.

Do seahorses live in deep water?


Where does a seahorse live?

Seahorses can be found in shallow tropical and temperate waters around the world. They shelter in sea grass beds, coral reefs, estuaries, or mangroves.

Do seahorses live in the middle of the ocean yes or no?

No, Seahorses live in shallow coral reefs near to the shore. They hold on to the coral and sea plants with their tail to camoflage themselves and ambush their prey. Seahorses are very slow swimmers. The middle of the ocean would be way too deep for them!

Do seahorses live in shallow water?

Yes and near the shore!

Where do jellyfish live in the sea?

Jellyfish can be found in every ocean in the world. They can live in warm or cold ocean waters and in deep or shallow waters. Some jellyfish can even live in fresh water.

What ocean do seahorses live in?

the ocean that has tropical waters

Where are seahorses at?

seahorses live in almost every ocean. they live in the most deep part of the ocean.