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The Stellar sea lion, an eared seal, sometimes feeds on otters.

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Q: Do seals hunt otters
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What is the difference between seals and sea otters?

sea otters have fur and otters don't

Do otters hunt in a pack?

No. Sea otters hunt separately but they live with other otters in rafts.

Do Seals eat Sea Otters?


What are the enemies of the otters?

Humans used to hunt otters for fur.

What preys on clams?

seals, and pelicans, and otters

What eats scallops?

humans, seals, otters

Where and when does seals hunt?

Seals hunt fish, in the water, all the time

Can you hunt otters in Ontario?

Definitely not

Are seals mistaken for sea otters?

yes, yes they are

Do piranhas eat otters?

Large group of piranhas can hunt otters and eat them.

Why do people hunt river otters?

River otters are hunted for their valuable fur.

Why do otters hunt at night?

Otters are nocturnal and spend their evenings searching for food

Do otters live in the ocean?

yes otters live in the ocean along with dolphins,fish,seals,ect.

Can you hunt sea otters in California?

yes it is

When do sea otters hunt for food?

in the night

What are some mammals that swim?

Whales, seals, otters, beavers...

What is scared of the killer whale?

Harbor Seals Sea Otters

What do seals do to get food?


Are platypus related to seals or otters?

Platypuses are only related to seals and otters in that they are all semi-aquatic mammals. Even there, the similarity is flimsy, because seals and otters are placental mammals, whereas platypuses are monotremes, or egg-laying mammals, one of only two types of such animals in the world.

Do polar bears hunt?

Yes they hunt seals

Which dog breed is trained to hunt otters?

The airedale.

Is it illegal to hunt sea otters today?

yes it is

How are seals related to sea otters?

They are from the same super-family of Arctoidea, which in turn splits into the super-families of Pinnipedia (Seals, sea lions) and Musteloidea (otters, ferrets, weasels, etc)

How do harp seals hunt?

Harp seals eat mostly crabs and fish. They hunt in the water finding crabs on the bottom. They do not hunt on land.

Are seals related to sea otters?

no, they are just different marine animals