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Yes, sharks can eat turtle shells.p.s. sharks can not eat turtle shells.

Older tiger sharks, can and do, eat turtles Green sea turtles can comprise 7% to 27% of a older tiger's diet, depending on region. If the shark is large (or the turtle small) they will swallow the animal whole. If the turtle is larger, a tiger shark has the dentition to bite through the shell.

To rid their bodies of a shell, which takes a very long time to dissolve in their very strong stomach acids, tiger sharks use gastric eversion. Sharks who do this relax their stomach muscles and use abdominal pressure to prolapse and speedy retraction of the stomach to empty indigestible particles, parasites, or mucus, researchers speculate. This may also aid them in keeping a healthy alimentary tract.

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Do turtles eat egg shells?

no no Yes, sometimes a turtle will eat egg shells for calcium.

How does a turtle shell protect a turtle?

turtles have shells because animals that eat turtles can't eat the turtle because it has a strong shell.

What eat a fully grow sea turtle?


What preys on a sea turtle?

Sharks try to eat them

Does sharks eat sea turtle?

There are sharks that eat sea turtles, such as the tiger shark. The tiger shark has jaws that are powerful enough to break the shell of an adult sea turtle. Other sharks can eat baby sea turtles that do not have a strong shell.

What would shells eat if they could eat?

They would eat white sharks and humpback whales.

How does a shark eat a sea turtle?

sharks take off the shell then eat the meat.

What would win a shark or a turtle?

Sharks eat turtles on a daily basis.

How do racCoons eat turtles?

They break the shells on rocks or with rocks then est the turtle meat.

Can a great white shark eat an alligator snapping turtle?

No. Sharks are saltwater fish and the turtle is fresh water. They will never meet.

Do turtle change shells?

Turtles do not change shells

Are turtle shells made of plastic?

NO . Turtles shells are natural and grow with the turtle. Plastic is man made .

Do hammerhead sharks eat sea turtles?

What kind of hammerhead? The smaller ones like the bonehead are about the size of a sea turtle, so they don't eat sea turtles. There are 6 species of hammerheads and the bigger ones might eat the turtle. I never seen one eat a turtle.

Do turtle shells grow with them or do they shed them?

turtles do not shed their shells.

What are turtle shells made out of?

The shells are made of sand and scales.

What are 5 five predators of the sea turtle?

The 5 predators of the sea turtle are mainly Tiger sharks. Tiger sharks mostly eat the adult sea turtles. Other predators are dogs, fishes, seabirds and crabs, they eat the eggs or the hatchlings of the sea turtles.

Do dogs eat turtle shells?

what will happen to my dog that weights 8 pounds if it eats a turtle shell at night please tell me i need to know what will happen to him

What eats a sea turtle eat?

Well sea turtles are consumed by sharks jellyfish and a variety of culture's.

Can a falcon eat a small turtle?

NO! Even Small Turtles Have Shells That Are Protective Against Most Small Raptors.

What are turtle shells made of?

Turtle shells are mainly comprised of calcium (bone), and covered with a hard keratin (scales and skin). And yes, turtles do have feeling on the outside of their shells.

Why do the sharks eat people?

Sharks eat or attack people because they see them as their regular diet. They don't mean to eat us they just mistake. Some sharks actually let go because they realize that you are not good tasting or a part of its diet. We are not yummy to sharks. Compare you on a surf board on your tummy, a turtle, and a sea lion. Don't they look alike? That is why sharks eat people.

Is a turtle a vertebrate?

Yes, a turtle is a vertebrate.All reptiles are vertebrates, because they all have spines.The spine of a turtle is attached to the inside roof of their shells. Making it physically impossible for them to shed shells or leave their shells.

What are turtle shells sold for?


How do you tell a boy turtle from a girl turtle?

On a painted turtle you look at the design on the bottom of their shells.

Are turtle egg hard or soft?

turtle eggs are hard but when born turtle shells are soft