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Do shin pads go under the socks?

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Do shin pads go under your socks?

it doesn't really matter but i prefer them over my socks

Do shin guards go under the socks?

Yes, shin guards go under the socks.

Do shin-guards go under the socks?

Yes you wear them under your socks and your socks go over

Why do you wear shin guards under soccer socks?

Shin guards are worn under soccer socks because the socks keep the shin guards in place, right in front of the shins. If the shin guards were worn on top of the socks all shin guards without straps would not remain on and even those that have straps that go around the back of the leg will not keep the shin guards in place.

What equipment is needed to play hockey?

you need a helmet,shoulder pads,elbow pads,neck gaurd,mouth gaurd,pants,shin pads,a cup protecter,skates,gloves and a stick Important hockey equipment includes a jock strap, shin pads, large socks (to go over the shin pads), shoulder pads, elbow pads, jersey, gloves, helmet, hockey stick, and, of course, skates. Don't forget your gym bag to bring all of these items in.

Where do shin pads go?

On your shins. Below your knees.

Do you wear shin pads in volleyball?

No, you can wear knee pads that go on your knees to help with digging.

How many injuries are there in sport from not wearing shin guards?

Although the injuries from not wearing shin pads would be very serious, such as broken ankles and legs etc, they would be few in number, this is because no referee or coach at any level would let a player go on the pitch without shin pads.

Why do football socks go over knee?

Football socks are designed to protect the leg muscles, bones and knee joints of the player hence the the shin pads worn underneath to afford protection to the wearer. In recent times they have also become fetishistic to many and worn over the knee on the pitch as a fashion statement and by many people as a fashion accessory.

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the socks end up under the dryer

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comforter is not the answer the pads are there to seal off the air and can be made of i few thingsa

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There are some online videos that are available when it comes to installing brake pads. You can go online and search under video for installing brake pads.

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white socks >:D

Can you wear nike shoes and match with vans socks to go to school or go out?

No. Nike socks

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Sanitary pads don't go onto the bed, they go into your underwear - attached either with adhesive or snap-fastens. If worried about leaking overnight be sure to wear overnight pads which are often longer and more absorbent than the pads you would wear during the day, and put an old towel under yourself.

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You can go to the dollar store, T.j maxx or ross. They all have socks and fuzzy socks too.

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pads go on your underwear touching your wee-wee protecting your blatter from bleding

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it is not itchy to wear only when you go hiking They can be. I know I have to find a "better" pair. Where they do not rub as much +++ You can minimise it by wearing a pair of thin, ordinary socks under them.

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The rule is that the socks color should go with the shirt color and not the pants color.

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Socks. I only go barefoot when I don't intend to go back outside.

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how to use kinoki foot pads? 1.Apply on the bottom of your foot 2.Put socks on so it wont come out 3.Go 2 sleep 4.When u wake up and take out the pad u will see brown,slimy dirt on the pad

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On Club Penguin how many socks does he have?

to find the amount of socks Gary has is go to the pet shop go to the puffle house then decode it then you have the answer :)

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