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Sorry dude you aint tall enough

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I'm a girl and I LOVE short guys, but most girls would disagree with me. Everybody has different preferences.

that totally depends on the girl preferences.

We like and prefer short girls. This is because we can easily pick you up while having sex or have the girl bend over while standing up so we can nail you from behind! Us guys love to nail a girl in that position! We get a nice view of your booty!

it depends on the girl!because girls have different reaction

It depends on the girl and the guy. A girl most likely will date someone taller than her.

im a girl but i dont do that to get attention from guys. but i know girls that do that n they usually do it for guy attention.

Not all uys like tall girls. Some of them like short girls. and these would be short guys.

It depends on the guy. Quite a lot of guys find short girls to be cute and feminine.

because they like them, they have physical or mental attractions to the girl

Sometimes they do but If he likes you I don't think it's because you're short necessarily. Short and thick, short and petite, or tall. It does not matter but their are a group of guys have a fetish for short and petite girls.(cause they like the dominance or what not) Also short petite girls have their own kind of looking cute that other girls would not be able to pull off. Usually though a taller bigger guy will like a shorter not petite girl. And a taller skinny guy will like a petite and short girl. Doesn't mean they wouldn't take the other but usually this is the case.

guys wink at girls because they think their cute. like, if a guy winks at a girl, then that means that they like them or they want to date them.

guys dump girls randomly because they think they are too good to be with the girl he was with

Short(: (because their eyes are slanted)

because guys are scared of girls... No just joking, guys have problems with talking to a girl they like because they feel very nervous!

Becuase there normally more sassy. they have a fiesty attitude cuz that they're not the biggest girl in the room. Guys like when girls are sassy and fiesty, when the first meet them.

They enjoy it because they can see cute girls in short shorts!

All kinds of boys like short girls. In fact, most guys would rather be with a girl shorter than they are, no matter what their height.

guys rush to date other girls, i think because they can't stand being alone, and some of the guys just want a girl to have sex with. or to show off that they have a girl to kiss.

Yeah, because it makes them feel more manly.

mostly guys prefer ll girls but i like medium sized girls

I think girls have better memory then guys, because, girls can remember anniversairies or wedding, when guys can only remember thinks they see!

most guys do because most are them are as shallow as some girls are

Guys like to brag about girls they like because they feel protective of the girl and are competitive by nature. They feel the need to be competitive, but also to be protective of the girl. They are doing this by not letting "their" girl be undermined by another one.

I wouldn't say that they hate ugly girls but most boys will not date an ugly girl because they want a girl that other guys would be jealous because they have not dated that girl.

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