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Do single mothers get more money on their tax return?


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No. You can claim the child and take off child care costs, but single people pay a higher rate.

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It depends how much money you are making each month. Your employer might also be able to give you more information about what aid you qualify for.

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A Federal Pell Grant offers one way for single mothers to finance their education. This federally-provided money does not need to be repaid, making it a more attractive option than a loan. To apply for a Pell Grant, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online.

Most financial aid for single mothers is need based. If moms are working and earning enough income to be disqualified for financial need based aid, private sectors and non-profit organizations may have all the financial aid for single mothers needed to obtain a college education or complete a refresher course. Private sources of aid include local churches, private organizations and major international non-profit organizations.Approaching Local Churches for Financial Aid for Single MothersLocal churches collect money from church members for various local charities. In some cases, these charities include scholarship programs to be used as financial aid for single mothers. Church guidelines will vary, but in most cases mothers will need to be a current member of the church to apply for financial aid.Private Organizations and Non-Profit Financial Aid for Single MothersThe Salvation Army, American Red Cross and Goodwill Industries offer financial aid for single mothers. Contacting these companies is simple with access to the Internet. If Internet access is limited or unavailable, local libraries often have contact information or free Internet access for singles mothers wishing to apply for financial aid. Typically aid applications require submission by a certain deadline, normally before the start of the year beginning college semester or end of summer.Need Based Financial Aid for Single MothersNeed is defined differently by each governing body offering financial aid for single mothers. If need is defined in the private sector, guidelines could be more lax than federal guidelines. Some companies choose to support single mother’s earning an education by paying other household bills to free up money for college. In this case, mothers may need to supply copies of utility bills, rent statements, mortgage statements or other bill.When is the Best Time to Apply for Financial Aid?Many single mothers choose to go back to school and complete an application and registration before applying to receive financial aid for single mothers. Scholarships are not always based on acceptance to a college and thus single mothers may wish to secure funding for college before applying or registering for classes.The number of single parent households is on the rise and earning an education is important to the financial security of these households. Financial aid for single mothers is there to support moms who want to gain more education and thus a stronger foothold in the employment sector. With advanced education, single mothers can hope to earn more and provide more for children in the household.

Yes there are special scholarship for single moms you can check the online website there are a lot of information to see and explains more about special scholarship for single mothers.

There are many grants available for single mothers to help with housing. Check with HUD, State Housing Finance Agency, Habitat for Humanity and The Nehemiah Foundation. For more information, visit

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Fortunately, single mothers are able to get scholarships as well as various federal, state, and local aide from many colleges throughout the United States. The first place to learn more about the various financial assistance available to single mothers is the closest college in your area. Once there, find the financial aide office and ask about the scholarships available to you as a single mother.

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Yes financial aid is available for single mothers. You must apply at the appropriate time and meet certain requirements usually has to do with income. With your situation more than likely you will qualify for full time grant which will cover all your schooling including books.

There are several loans and schollarships available for single moms looking to go back to school. You can visit for more information on programs available to single moms.

College Grants - The Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOFSA) offers information about college grants available to needy local students. Another option for single moms looking to return to school is the FAFSA, which allows them to apply for federal aid programs. Also be sure to research school scholarships for more financial assistance options.

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