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Honor thy father and thy Mother. Yes, and 18 yo's and any one of any age living in their parents house.

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Q: Do sixteen-year-olds have to abide by their parents' rules?
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Does an 18 year old have to abide by parents custody rules?

No, in fact in the UK you no longer have to abide by these rules by the age of 16. By law? No. But if your parents provide shelter,etc. you may be required to follow house mandates.

Is it grammatically correct to say will abide to the rules?

No, you abide by the rules.

Can your parents evoke your license?

If you are a minor, your parents hold the right to take your license away. You must abide by their rules to keep your license since driving is a privilege.

How do you use the phrase abide by in a sentence?

1) "We will all, verily, abide by the will of God." 2) "You have to learn to abide by the rules."

What word means keeping to the rules?

to ABIDE by the rules means to keep to the rules

Make sentence with abide by or with?

He always tells his teenaged kids, "As long as you live under my roof, you'll abide by my rules. Deciding that she could not abide by the rules of the church, she is now looking for another place of worship. Any student who cannot abide bythe rules of this institution will be placed on probation.

What is a sentence for the word abide?

Students who don't abide by the rules will be sent to the principal's office.

Can you give me a sentence with abide?

in military school, there is like a whole novel on the rules to abide by

What are the rules of cyberspace?

Rules of the internet will vary depending upon what country you live in. You must abide by your countries laws concerning the internet. There is no global type rules that one must abide by.

Can your parents ground you after you turn 18 in Ohio?

If you still live in their house you may want to abide by their rules because they may not be able to ground you but they can legally kick you out.

What are the most important responsibilities of a citizen?

to vote and abide by rules

Use abide as a verb in a sentence?

One example of using abide as a verb is "You need to abide by the rules." Anything like this should also work. Happy hunting, Inky

What is compliance?

compliance is the act of complying to a demand or proposalAbide by rules

How does the government effect your daily life?

Have to pay them, listen to them and abide by their rules.

What are the rules and regulations a repo agent must abide by?

depends on the state your in

What is the principle of constitutionalism?

Everyone no matter who you are must abide by the rules of the constitution.

How can you get a pet cornsnake without your parents knowing?

Don't even think about it ! WHEN it is discovered by your parents - one of two things will happen. They will either force you to return it to the pet shop or wherever you got it from - or - (much worse) they may kill it - which is cruel to the snake - and will be your fault !Remember - your parents pay the bills in your house - you have to abide by their rules ! If they refuse to allow you to keep a snake in their house - that's their decision - you have to abide by it !

How do you use abide in a sentence?

Abide means to wait for or obey or dwell or put up with. For example, it is important to abide by state laws, otherwise you may find yourself in jail. You must abide by the school rules in order to avoid punishment.

How do i get a sleepover when my mom won't let me?

The only way - is to demonstrate to your parents that you and your friends are mature enough to have a sleep-over. Remember - your parents pay the bills - and while you're living there, you must abide by their rules. They won't be pleased if you wreck the place !

Legends of pineapple with moral lesson?

we must be obedient alaways not only to our parents but to other people. we must not take things for granted because we don't what will happen if we don't abide the rules.

How did the plague effect laws or rules in the cities?

black death caused crime rates to go higher. People did not abide rules.

How are rules created in absolute monarchy?

In a completely absolute monarchy, the King or Queen makes up the rules, and his or her subjects must abide by them.

What are the obligations of citizenship in the community?

Give up citizenship of their country and abide by US rules

Why do Muslims abide by their own rules in different countries?

It's probably a cultural thing.

What are the preventive measures to vehicle accident?

wear safety belt,abide traffic rules,