Do skunks hibernate

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Skunks, like bears, go into a state of torpor. This is a very groggy sleep that is intermittent and can be interrupted by periods of time awake and active. Hibernation is a physical state where the body significantly drops in temperature and the creature is immobile for a very long time. A hibernating animal almost looks dead and takes a very long time to wake up. An animal in torpor can be woken more easily, which is why it isn't safe to disturb bears who are in torpor sleep for the winter. Skunks take long torpor naps in their dens, and females often in groups. They will wake to look for food on warm days, and will need to come out of the den at least once to empty their scent glands.

This would explain why folks sometimes see, or smell, skunks during the winter months.

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no they do not

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Q: Do skunks hibernate
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Do striped skunks hibernate?

yes they do

Why do skunks hibernate?

Skunks actually don't "hibernate" like bears do. In the winter time, you will find many skunks sharing the same den. They may go out to hunt for food from time to time but they don't hibernate. They are just less active.

Do chipmunks or skunks hibernate?

I think that skunks do but I'm not sure about cute, little chipmunks.

Name five animals the hibernate?

Most bears hibernate, as do possums, skunks, and chipmunks. Tortoises also hibernate.

How do striped skunks hibernate or migrate?

they migrate by nothing.

Do skunks hybernate?

Skunks do not hibernate in the winter. However they do remain generally inactive and feed rarely.

Where do skunks hibernate?

They don"t this habit is practiced by Bears.

Three animals that hibernate?

Polar bears,Chipmunks,skunks and hedgehogs. :):)

When do skunks hibernate?

skunks dont hibernate, during the winter they sleep longer than normal but its not long like a bear, do not try to pick one up while it sleeps it will wake up and you will get bit and sprayed

Do pet skunks hibernate?

No, they do not, but during the winter they act in a groggy motion, rarely eating.

What are 2 animals that hibernate?

Here are some animals that hibernate... badgers, bats, squirrels, chipmunks, prairie dogs, groundhogs, raccoons, skunks and bears.

How do raccoons skunks and woodchucks do to survive during winter?

Raccoons and skunks do not hibernate but will be active except in the most severe weather of winter. If the snow is too deep to forage for food they will remain in their dens and sleep until conditions improve. Woodchucks hibernate in the winter.

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