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Do snails eat betta food?

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Yes, snails will indeed eat betta fish food and it will not harm them. Betta food can be purchased at local pet stores.

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Yes, but it prefers betta food.

Goldfish can eat many things. Betta food isn't the best for them, but they will eat it.

Can outdoor snails eat fish food flakes

Feed a Betta 3 pieces of Betta food a day.

no they eat freeze dried blood worms,live food,or Betta food bought from a store.

Sun-clover-snail-sparrow-hawkThe sun gives the clover food. Snails eat clovers. Sparrows eat snails. Hawks eat sparrows.

Duckweed is a great food for aquatic snails.

Snails will eat fish food if they are able to reach it. Fish food should not be their staple food source though, as it is high in protein. Snails prefer algae and algae wafers.

A betta can eat any betta food regardless of the manufacturer; they typically market it as Betta Bites.

i think it would be better just to buy betta food

It depends what food the other fish eats. Bettas are carnivorous, so they eat meat. If the betta food is meat (which it most likely is) and the fish you want to feed is a also a freshwater carnivore, then, chances are, you can feed the fish betta food.

Snails eat grass, leaves and plant bark.

no they eat fish food#

Betta fish can eat brine shrimp, blood worms, and regular tropical fish food. Most of the time, they can be found at your local pet store.

Snails mainly eat lettuce. This is there favourite type of food. I know that snails that live on land love lettuce and different vegetables, but I'm not sure what a water snails would eat.

african snails die by not eat a enough food.

It really depends on what fish you got, I got 3 fishes in 3 separate 10 gallon tanks. My Blue Betta fish tries to eat my snail, my red, orange fish is playful in his tank but is curious about the snail and my fully red betta show fish does not attack it. So there you have it, it depends on the betta if it is TOO aggressive, it might try to eat it. By the way the snails in my tanks are used for cleaning up the poo they leave.

Snails usually eat the algae in the tank which is why they are so useful for keeping it clean. If your tank does not have enough algae and other matter for them to eat they will die. Special food is available for tank snails and they also eat fish food.

they eat snails and slugs

They eat plants as food

Betta food, you can buy this at Walmart for sure but you could also buy it at the pet shop:)

Only a little, because it helps the betta fish digest their food.

Yes, snails do eat zooplankton. Aquatic snails eat a variety of different types of food such as plankton, algae, plants, and other microscopic organisms that live underwater.

can snails live with male betta fish without a filter

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