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Snakes do in fact have tails, their tail begins at their cloaca (butt) and continues to the end of their length. Also, in general, males do have longer and also more robust tails because their tail is where they keep their sexual organs.

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What other snakes rattle their tails?

There are a number of species that mimic a rattlesnake by vibrating their tails. Corn snakes certainly do (some - but not all of my own corn snakes do this !)

Do snakes have eyes on their tails?

No, snakes do not have eyes on their tail. Snakes see by flicking their tongue "to taste the air".

Do snakes always rattle their tails?

Rattle snakes will rattle their tail if they feel threatened

What do snakes have?

they have tails, eggs, no legs, a bunch of ribs

Do snakes have forked tails?

no... but they hav forked tongues!

How do rattle snakes hunt food?

By shaking there tails.

Do corn snakes tail regrow?

No snakes don't regrow their tails, that's a lizard thing.

Do snakes have venom in their tails?

No. Those snakes that are venomous inject venom through fangs in their mouths.

What are snakes breeding habits?

they shuv their tails in eachothers mouth !!

What is lipstick made up of?

Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails.

Do rattlesnakes den with bull snakes?

No. Bull Snakes typically hunt and eat Rattle Snakes, and the snake is typically a solitary animal. However, Bull Snakes will mimic Rattle Snakes by flattening themselves and shaking their tails.

Why do snakes have pelvic bones?

Snakes have pelvic bones for the same reason we have tail bones. Evolution. At some point in the history of life, snakes had legs and humans had tails.

Are all snake tails beginning at the same place?

Yes - a snakes tail begins at the vent - it's the same with all snakes.

Do snakes lay eggs out of their tails?

Yes, the eggs come out of the vent or the butt.

Why do Bearded dragons wiggle there tails?

Bearded dragons usually wiggle their tails when they see moving food. They do this the same reasons some snakes do its just what they do.

What do humans eat that will eat snakes?

snake pie, snake tails, snake eyes

How are snakes suited to their environment?

A wide variety of ways - desert snakes are highly resistant to water loss, sea snakes have paddle-shaped tails to help them swim, arboreal snakes are often thin and look like twigs.

Do milk snakes bite?

Most snakes will bite in self-defense, including milk snakes, but that does not necessarily make them dangerous. Milk snakes are not rattlesnakes, though they do rattle their tails, and are not poisonous. A milk snake's bite it an irritation at most.

Where abouts do snakes like to be scratch?

Snakes don't like the tops of their heads or their tails touched. You can safely pet a tame snakes body and some like under their chin to be scratched as well

Ways snakes can get mad?

Snakes might get mad if they are cornered or are afraid that you will hurt them. Snakes that are angry will often coil into a small ball, rear their head up to strike out, or rattle their tails to warn you of the danger.

What do sea snakes look like?

they have flat like tails that help them to swim and the have valved nostrils

Does garter snakes rattle their tails?

no the are harmless! unless you grad the and the use their only defence on you (they bite)

What is a delicacy in hgydhggfgdrsre land?

Snakes legs with a side of powered hens teeth, and ape tails.

How do snakes adapt to the tropical rainforest?

Snakes have adapted to living in rainforests by being able to camouflage themselves in their environment. They also are able to use their tails to climb trees.

Are corn snakes harmless?

Yes, corn snakes are non venomous snakes. They are often mistaken for copper heads and rattle snakes because of their saddle-backed pattern and their ability to vibrate their tails, so that it sounds like rattling. But they are harmless and usually docile.