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All solids of the same measurements have the same volume regardless of density or mass.

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not nessaserily a 1x8x8 rectangle has the same volume as a 4x4x4 cube

Yes, all solids have a volume.

Liquids, like solids have a definite volume. While liquids don't have a definite shape, they can take the shape of a container which can be measured the same way as with solids.

No. Water ice for example will have a larger volume than an equal mass of liquid water.

All solids and liquids but not gasses.

Yes, solids keep their volume.

Their volume increases - that is to say, the solids expand. However, their mass stays the same.

No, not all solids are the same. For example. each solid has a different temperature in which it melts. Heat, water, and coldness are factors in solids.

Solids have a definite volume and gases have a variable volume

Volume varies as the 1.5th power of the surface area of regular solids. With other well behave solids, this relationship applies as long as all three dimensions change in the same ratio - that is, the shapes are similar.

There are infinitely many solids and so infinitely many formulae. The question cannot be answered.

No, solids have definite volume and shape

Solid and Volume are 2 different things.Solid is a physical state of matter.Volume is the amount of space an object takes up.All Solids HAVE Volume because they are made of matter, but they aren't the same thing.

Solids have various properties. For example, they have a definite volume, a definite shape, and they will not flow at all.

Solids are usually more dense because solids have a smaller volume than liquids or gases, so the same amount of mass is in a smaller volume, making the density greater.

Gases have no definite volume or shape! liquids have a definite volume but not shape! And solids are definite all the way around!

All 3-dimensional solids, by definition, occupy volume.

They don't. Some liquids expand when they become solid and others shrink, while some do maintain the same volume.

No. Solids made of different substances will normally have different densities.

Solids have a fixed volume or shape at room temperature or pressure.

All solids do no have same properties. They possess different properties.

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