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Solids have a fixed volume or shape at room temperature or pressure.

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Yes they do. Liquids have no fixed shape and gases have no fixed volume.

Liquids does not have a fixed shape. But they have a fixed volume.

Solids are substances which have a fixed volume and fixed shape. Liquids, on the other hand, have a fixed volume but no definite shape. Finally, gases don't have a definite volume or shape.

Solids are the only phase of matter which have a fixed shape and volume.

Solids have a fixed shape. Liquids change shape but have a fixed volume. Gas has neither a fixed shape nor a fixed volume.

Any solid. Liquids have fixed volume and variable shape. Gases have variable volume and shape. Solids have a fixed volume and shape, liquids have a fixed volume, but conform to the shape of their container, and gasses have neither a fixed volume or shape. Gasses can be compressed or allowed to expand to varying volumes and conform to the container's shape.

Solids - Fixed volume and shape. Particles in a solid have a rigid structure and vibrate. Liquids - Fixed volume but no fixed shape. Particles in a liquid can flow and have more energy than in solids. Gases - No fixed volume and no fixed shape. Gas particles move with a lot of energy and fill the space available to them.

Solids always have fixed shape and volume, liquids have fixed volume, but take shape of container and gases have no fixed volumes or shapes.

The have a fixed volume and shape because the particles inside the solid are packed tightly together would means that it cannot flow like a liquid.

The intermolecular forces between gas molecules are extremely weak.

Simply, Solids have fixed shape and volume because the particles are very , very close to each other . Volume of liquid is the space which is occupied by this liquid, so it's fixed unless you cool this liquid or heat it and it takes the shape of its container As for the gases, the particles are very apart from each other and move freely, so they cannot have a fixed volume or shape and this is due to the attraction force between particles

Liquid. A solid has a fixed volume and shape. A liquid has a fixed volume but no fixed shape, and a gas has no fixed volume or shape.

facts about solids: * Has a fixed shape, * Fixed volume , * Cannot be compreesed,*Cannot be poured, *particles are extremely close together. Facts about liquids: *Can be poured, * Haard to compress, *takes shape of the container, * Fixed volume, * When liquids freeze they become solid. Fcats about gases: * Fill the space,*easy to compress, *no fixed volume, *no fixed shape,*not visible.

A property of gases is that gases can be compressed but liquids and solids cannot be compressed. Liquids have a definite volume but do not have a fixed shape. Solids have a definite shape and a definite volume. Gases have neither a fixed shape nor a definite volume. However, you must keep in mind that gases have a limit to which they can be compressed.

No, solids have definite volume and shape

Anything having a fixed volume but no fixed shape, but takes up the shape of the container it is in, is a good start point for the definition of a liquid. If it had a fixed shape or not a fixed volume (ignoring thermal expansion) it wouldn't be a liquid. Some stuff, like pitch at a certain temperature look like solids but can, over a period of years slowly take up the shape of the container. They might technically be called liquids but for most practical purposes be called solids.

All solids have a fixed shape unless acted upon by a force. If the temperature remains constant they have a fixed volume.

A solid has a fixed volume and a fixed shape.

A gas has no fixed shape and no fixed volume.

both are fixed (unless acted upon by outside forces) in a solid; volume is fixed but shape is malleable in a liquid; and both are malleable in a gas.

Solids have fixed shapes and volumes.Liquids have more or less a fixed volume (but may be moderately compressible). They take on the shape of their container.Gasses take on the shape and volume of the container.So your answer would be Liquid.

No. liquids do not have fixed shape . They take the shape of container.However, they have fixed volume.

A gas has no fixed volume or shape.

Gases haven't not a fixed volume.Only solids and liquids have a fixed volume.

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