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No. Because to have an angle you must have adjoining sides.

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Polygons have an equal number of sides and angles.

All polygons have an equal number of sides and angles.

Polygons have the same number of sides and angles.

Convex polygons with congruent sides and congruent angles are called regular polygons.

Polygons have an equal number of sides and angles.

Yes. The polygons must be congruent. They must have an even number of sides and angles. -alessandra

two polygons with sides that have all equal sides and angles

All polygons have the same number of sides as angles. So if there are 12 sides, thereare 12 angles.

They have the same amount of sides and angles

Regular polygons have congruent sides and angles

Yes, regular polygons will have all sides equal length, and all angles the same. If two polygons of the same number of sides are 'regular' then those two polygons will be similar (they may be scaled, for example).

There are infinitely many polygons: they can n sides where n is any integer greater than 2.The sum of the interior angles of a polygon with n sides is (n - 2)*180 degrees.

Yes because polygons have 3 or more sides.

They don't... They have as many sides as angles

They are named for the number of sides and angles their shape posses. For example, an octagon has both eight sides and angles.

Regular polygons are when all the sides are same length and all the angles are the same size. Irregular polygons are shapes where the sides are not all the same and the angles are different.

No. triangle can have 3 sides all the same length and angle or it can have sides of differing lengths and angles. same for all other polygons.

No. The word congruent is not applied to sides or angles.

(number of sides - 2)*180 = sum of interior angles

Go to the link at You can change the number of sides and see the angles.

Polygons have multiple sides and angles.

polygons that have corresponding angles congruent and corresponding sides proportional

A polygon is a shape constructed by straight lines. Examples: triangle 3 sides, quadrilateral 4 sides, pentagon 5 sides, hexagon 6 sides, heptagon 7 sides, octagon 8 sides ...... etc Polygons can be regular (equal sides) or irregular (unequal sides) Polygons have interior angles that are measured at their vertex. To find the sum of a polygon's interior angles: (number of sides-2)*180 All polygons have a total sum 360 degrees exterior angles.

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