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Use cash

AnswerCertainly, many do not accept credit cards. Generally for these reasons:

1) Credit Card Cos require both good credit from the one they issue the card to and the one that accepts it. Just like some people don't qualify for credit, some businesses do not qualify..for any number of reasons.

2) Accepting and processing Credit Cards costs money and requires accounting. The business pays a fee. The fee can vary, but especially if they have any problems addressed in #1 and need to use one of the more "special" processors, it can add up to a fair amount.

The fee is one reason why many Cos prefer you don't use American Express - it has the highest fee. Hence they will ask for MC/Visa or Discover.

The very fact that they may not accept/qualify to accept credit cards should alert you to be aware.

That all said, until fairly recently, about 1996, most supermarkets didn't accept credit cards! Basically, the mark up on much of what they sold was so small (although volume was very large), they couldn't afford the added cost.

AnswerYou would have to use the old fashioned credit card slider. It takes an imprint and you sign for it. They would call your bank these days and check for validity. Otherwise they will say "Sorry, Cash only"


Often an unscrupulous retailer is trying to evade taxes of several types by only accepting cash. They can more easily choose not to report the transaction. If they do charge the customer sales tax, they can keep it for themselves. Or if they don't report the transaction and don't charge you tax, they still get to evade their year end Business Taxes and any other taxes that are based on the dollar amount of their sales. Sometimes you might notice they don't even ring the sale up if they are using a cash register. Or they can void the sale later to keep it 'off the books". This makes it easier for them to break een more laws by paying their employees cash without reporting it - "under the table".

I agree with the answer above that not accepting credit cards is a reason to be alert to what is going on with a particular merchant. They may not be around next week or next month if you want to return something. If they will cheat the government, they will cheat you, too.

AnswerLast I checked, the currency in the United States is still the Dollar Bill. Until the U.S. govt. changes that, nobody HAS to accept credit/debit cards! Just because a business does not accept cards does NOT mean they are "shady" or corrupt or in any way dishonest! That is the most outrageous thing I have ever heard. The above statement "Be aware" of businesses that don't accept, is offensive and completely undeserving! Like previously stated, businesses are charged a FEE for the customer to use a credit card. Not every business wants to be involved with credit card machines and any problems that go with them. Cash is fast and easy and is usually problem free! It is obvious that whomever wrote the above answers do not own their own business and probably are the kinds of people who charge a pack of gum to later pay excessive interest!

Wow, honestly I am shocked at the previous answer. No disrespect to anyone but, I have owned successful businesses for years. I currently own a "Business Casual" restaurant, CC's acceptance is a must with a PPA of $52.00. (per person average) I also owned a landscape / pressure washing / deck restoration business for years. I refused to accept CC's for the first few years. Wow, that was a mistake! I was reluctant due to fees etc. What I found was that I began giving discounts to customers who were willing to pay for services with CC's. I advertised the ability to accept CC's and my business increased by over 30% my first year of acceptance. Previously to that, rarely did I have customers ask to use cards, when they found out I was accepting them, they requested more services of larger values. You never know who isn't buying from you because they do not tell you. I never again had to chase my money or worry about being paid in a timely manner. ALL of my business accounts paid with CC's and for that I was truly grateful especially seeing that my 30 day policy for payments at times took much longer. My lesson, there is a reason companies take CC's and you never know the business you may be losing if you don't. Times have definitely changed! ONE OTHER THING... JUST BOOKED A CONDO FOR RENT IN Florida FOR A TRIP... WANTED TO BOOK ELSEWHERE INITIALLY AND THE LADY DIDN'T ACCEPT CC'S ONLY CASH OR CHECK. SHE LOST OUT ON MY 4 DAY BOOKING OF $1300.00 BECAUSE OF THIS, I WENT ELSEWHERE. STUDIES HAVE SHOWN THAT BUSINESSES THAT DO NOT TAKE CARDS, AVERAGE CONSUMERS QUESTION THE LONGEVITY AS WELL AS THE INTEGRITY OF THE BUSINESS. I FIND THIS SAD PERSONALLY BUT I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND.

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Q: Do some retailers not accept credit cards?
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Which retailers accept Wells Fargo credit cards?

Wells Fargo offer Visa and MasterCard credit cards, which are widely accepted by a large majority of retailers. Some examples of retailers accepting these cards include Amazon, eBay and PayPal.

Do you accept all credit cards?

no you do not accept all credit card some must be a lie.

What are some stores that do not accept credit cards?

well your store does not

What are some credit cards that accept itin number?

bank of America

Does eBay take pre-paid credit cards?

They accept some cards. Pay with a paypal account.

What type of stores accept business credit cards?

The only information found by searching on Google about what type of stores accept business credit cards is information on the Esso Business Credit Card. This card saves some money on gas.

Where can one shop with bad credit cards?

When you have bad credit scores, it is difficult obtaining a credit card but when you do manage to get one, there are some stores that will still accept credit cards of people with bad credit scores, like Macy's.

What are some website credit card processing sites?

There are many websites that can process credit cards as a form of payment. An example would be Amazon. They accept a wide variety of credit cards such as Visa or Mastercard.

Can American express work on eBay?

NO, though some sellers accept direct payments from credit cards. PayPal Australia does not accept AMEX.

What are some companies that allow merchants to accept credit cards?

There are many processing companies that make it possible for merchants to accept credit cards from consumers. The first thing a merchant must do is to find a merchant account specialist to create a merchant account and get started.

What are some of good credit cards available today?

It depends on your situation like credit needs and credit rating. There are some introductory credit cards along with some credit cards for special rewards.

What are some of the dangers of credit cards?

the dangers of credit cards?

What are some examples of credit cards from the GE Money bank?

GE Money bank offers a few different credit cards. One in Canada is a private label credit card. They also have a MasterCard program in several countries. In the United States they provide private label store credit cards for many retailers.

Can you pay online by visa electron?

It depends on the website. Some websites only accept Visa or Mastercard credit cards while many others are happy to accept debit cards such as Electron, Solo and Maestro.

What credit cards does Minecraft accept?

Minecraft accepts all major credit cards, including PayPal.Some credit cards areVisaAmerican ExpressMaster Card

Does every car insurance company accept payment with credit card?

No, there are still some companies that do not accept credit cards. Personally I think they all should, call them and ask them to change their policy on this.

Does del taco accept American express?

Del Taco accepts some major credit cards and also accept ATM cards but at this time they do not acceptAmerican express

Does amazon only accept amazon gift cards?

No, Amazon also accepts credit, debit, direct bank withdraw, and some other gift cards, such as VISA.

What are some different brands of Master Card credit cards?

Different brands of Master Card credit cards include retailers such as Amazon, Aqua, and Marks & Spencer, as well as banks such as Halifax, Lloyds, or Satander, and many more.

What are some popular credit cards available to college students?

Some popular credit cards for students are the Citibank credit card and the Discovery credit card. These two credit cards are designed for students and offer credit back incentives.

How can you find information on accepting credit cards online?

There are many different sites online that have information available to those looking to accept credit cards online. Some of these sites include Big Commerce, Shop Site, and PayPal.

What bad credit credit card has no annual fee?

While some credit cards that accept bad credit or no credit charge substantial annual fees and others are vague on their answers to that question until the application's fine print becomes available, prepaid cards generally charge no annual fee. Unfortunately, many prepaid cards do charge fees for every transaction.

What are some tips when applying for credit cards?

Some tips for for when applying for credit cards are: making sure your credit score is good, being sure how you'll pay off your credit cards, avoiding store cards, and paying attention to your rate.

What are interest free credit cards?

Interest free credit cards are some sort of deal credit cards make to get you to use their credit cards. Interest is cash that builds up on your debt. These interest free credit cards eliminates that for a few months.

How are American credit cards made?

Credit cards are made by plastics then some kind of machines stamps the cards number.