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They do not, as sports drinks are designed to replenish the water electrolytes that a person has lost, while alcohol does the exact opposite - make you lose water.

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2015-05-31 05:50:16
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Q: Do sports drinks contain alcohol
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Why does cool drink contain alcohol?

Not all cool drinks contain alcohol

Why drinks are named as soft drinks?

"Hard" drinks contain alcohol. Anything without alcohol is a soft drink.

How many drinks are there that contain alcohol?


Do Monster Energy Drinks contain Alcohol?

No, they do not.

Dose soft drinks contain alcohol?


Which of the alcohol drinks contain the most amount in it?

everclear - its 95% alcohol

What drinks contain alchol?

Alcohol can be added to any drink.

Definition of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks?

It's pretty simple; alcoholic drinks contain alcohol and nonalcoholic drinks do not.

Does alcohol contain water?

Most alcoholic drinks contain at least some water - particularly beer. But pure alcohol has no water in it.

What is the difference between alcoholic drinks and non alcoholic drinks?

Short answer: A non-alcoholic drink has no alcohol and an alcoholic drink has alcohol. Longer answer: Alcoholic drinks contain alcohol. Drink enough of them and you get drunk. Non-alcoholic drinks don't contain alcohol and you can binge on them any way you like and still be okay to drive, for instance. But be careful here since some "non-alcoholic" beers actually contain some alcohol, like only 1 percent. =================== Alcoholic drinks contain alcoholic content that can make its drinkers drunk while non-alcoholic drinks are bare drinks without any alcohol content. Such examples are: water, fruit juices and carbonated drinks.

Is there be an age restriction on the purchase of energy drinks?

No. Unless they contain alcohol.

What can you do to prevent drunnkeness?

Don't drink.... find drinks that do not contain alcohol

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