Do squid eat crayfish?


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No. Squid are saltwater creatures, and crayfish live in freshwater.


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No, although dolphins do eat some crustaceans such as shrimp, their diet does not consist of crayfish. They do eat squid and a variety of fishes.

No, crayfish eat chocolate.

No, but raccoons will eat crayfish.

Yerrp they eat crayfish !!

Yes they do eat Crayfish

Yes, Crayfish eat lettuce.

It not eat is like a squid

everglade frogs do not eat crayfish

No, crayfish do not eat bread, as bread has yeast in it

what do glass squid eat

Yes crayfish can eat hot dogs. Crayfish are omnivores and they can eat both meat and plants.They will eat anything they can get their claws on.

Yes, crayfish do eat seaweed. Crayfish are omnivores, meaning they will eat both animal and plant matter in their environment.

Giant squid eat there own kind (giant squid!)

No Snapper do not eat Crayfish but they eat Kiwi and other Native animals.

No. Squid eat fish primarily.

How much and how often does a squid eat

Most squid will eat crustaceans.

Giant Squid most likely eat fish and other squid.

It depends on the species of squid. Most squid eat fish, larger species like the giant squid have the potential to eat larger marine mammals. The humbolt squid however, are very aggressive and sometimes have been known to attack and eat other squid.

Penguins eat many different types of squid, fish, and small sea animals. Some of the squid they eat includes arrow squid and glacial squid. They generally eat small squids.

Crayfish are not fish, and they love to eat fish if they can catch them.

Merganser ducks do eat crayfish. Mallard ducks do not eat crayfish. Ducks also eat small fish, frogs, and insects. It depends on the type of duck.

Most fish are too small to eat squid. Sharks can go for squid.

Yes, squid do eat crab. They also eat plankton

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