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squid do live oil in the ocean


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Giant Squids typically live in deep ocean. There has never been a major oil spill in the deep deep ocean. If there were one, if the oil spill was big enough, it would be expected that even the giant squid would die.

The squid has a special "engine" that runs on oil from the ocean floor and comes out when the squid wants to move. With this it is able to move at speeds up to 115mph.

oil can present in a ocean by the birds wings which have oil present in them like duck etc.

Oil is taken from the ocean floor by oil rigs, attached to a large drill, which sucks the oil up.

Oil gets into the ocean when there's a hole in the oil transportation(i.e holes in ships, or anything that transports oil).

One deep ocean producer is the oil well. The ocean has a vast supply of crude oil that has not been tapped yet. Oil companies are drilling the ocean floor in search of more oil reserves.

the purpose of oil rigs is that they suck all the oil from ocean and then the workers go to different place to suck oil

because you put oil in the ocean and it kills animals in the ocean

The reason why oil doesn't dissolve in ocean water is because oil is nonpolar and water is polar.

Simply, oil spills into the ocean from either a leak at a refinery, a breach in the equipment on an ocean oil rig, or from a leak in a ship carrying oil.

There are oil rigs on land as well as on the ocean, so drilling for oil doesn't just happen on the ocean.

Because we need oil. So they created oil fields for easier oil production. The Ocean floor is the way you get oil, so the oil fields are attached to the Ocean floor.

Certain bacteria live in hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor or in oil reservoirs within Earth at temperatures as high as 250oF.

The state fish (Texas Squid) is known to exist some say number in the hundreds of thousands though one has not been spotted in years. They live near oil rigs which is a natural safe habitat for the animal which produces ink for quick getaways. The Texas Squid is possibly on the endangered species list because no one knows how many there actually are. BP's recent philanthropy included dumping millions of gallons of oil into the gulf to help increase the Texas Squid population. This act was the largest act any company has done for an animal possibly on the endangered species list.

Oil spills only happen when oil is accidentally tipped into the ocean. But if there is a war going on the enemies might try to spill oil into the ocean.

An oil platform with an industrial drill.

If An Oil Tanker Leaks On The Ocean The Water Is Poluted and Animals Are Hurt Or Killed By The Oil. Hope This Helps! ♥

Depends on where you live. In my area of Ky it runs around $26.

If there was a oil spill the entire ocean ecosystem would be at risk.

Its not (unless you mean skimmed from the surface). The oil they extract is from deep below the bottom (the floor) of the ocean.

Oil drilling often occurs on the seabed, that is, the very bottom of the ocean.

Theres more oil from a land refinery than a ocean refinery

oil ships that sail with lots of oil bringing oil anywhere sometimes get destroyed or something and they end up losing a lot of oil into the water. that or sometimes oil rigs explode and release lots of oil into the ocean.

Yes, on some they do. Some oil rigs are very far out in the ocean. It would take too long to travel out to them and back every day. So the people who work there, also live there and go home for weekends or when they can.

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