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Squirrels can do some serious damage to lots of things. I have one that loved to come onto my second story sundeck and rip off pieces of the fabric I used to cover the entire inside of support railings as a privacy measure. It would make a daily mission out of ripping off pieces and carrying them away to build a nest. It also did the same routine you described, which is nest-building behavior, sharping claws, or hunting insects,etc. if your wood is rotting. Solution: Go the the pet store and buy a product called "Bitter Apple" or similar spray. The product is sold to spray onto areas where you want to repel or discourage dogs/cats. It tastes bad, so they leave it alone. I like the "Bitter Apple", because it does not contain any dangerous chemicals like bugs sprays,etc. You may have to reapply a few days in a row, but squirrels have good memories, once they get a taste of it. They will leave it alone (and probably start messing with something else, like your bird feeder, lol)

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Q: Do squirrels gnaw into the beams and railings of a wooden porch normally or would it be due to insect infestation or other reasons?
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