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Not ALL the time. But yes, astronomers do watch the stars. Not as much as they used to; back in the days before computers, astronomers did sit in their observatories through the night with their eyes pressed up against the telescope eyepieces.

These days, astronomers can have more normal social lives because they can program in a series of observations into their computers and download the pictures in the morning.

Comet hunters especially do spend many nights at their telescopes.

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Who looks through telescopes at the stars?

Astronomers and stargazers.

What is ancient stargazers?

Historical people that looked at the stars and objects in the sky

How do you use the word gaze in a sentence?

As a noun: Kaname's gaze was directed out the window.As a verb: She likes to gaze up at the stars.

How do you use stargazers in a sentence?

The men stargazers at the moon.

Why was a telescope created?

to gaze up at stars and record movement.

Was it possible for William Shakespeare to gaze at the stars through a telescope?

no you suckers!

Who were the Stargazers?

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Who are stargazers of Babylon?

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What is an eye gaze?

An eye gaze is a gaze that involves an eye.

What are some of the stars in the milky way galaxy?

When you step out at night into your back yard or a country road, and look up to gaze at the stars, essentially every individual star you see is in the Milky Way. If you have good eyes and an exceptionally dark sky, and you know where to look, you can see one galaxy outside the Milky Way, but you can't see individual stars in it. Some of the brighter, more familiar stars, whose names are known to many stargazers, include Sirius, Procyon, Betelgeuse, Aldeberan, Vega, Deneb, Altair, Castor, Pollux, Rigel, Regulus, and Polaris the 'North Star'. Also, don't forget Sol (the sun).

What is gaze adverb or adjective?

The word 'gaze' is a noun (gaze, gazes) and a verb(gaze, gazes, gazing, gazed). Examples:Noun: His gaze followed the plane until it was out of sight.Verb: All I could do was gaze in amazement at what he had accomplished.

How do you use gaze in asentence?

He averted his gaze from her beauty. They directed their gaze at the display of candy.

What did early stargazers imagine the constellations formed?

early stargazers probably thought that the constellations came to be from the gods ex. The wild stage was close to Artemis so when it was killed she put it into the sky

How many times does the word star appear in the Bible?

In the King James version the word - Star - appears 15 times the word - stargazers - appears once the word - stars - appears 51 times

Shooting stars are not really stars What are they?

they are real stars yes

What is a sentence with the word gaze?

You will be asked to sit at a screen and keep your gaze fixed on a central light source.

What is the meaning of the sentence 'Your gaze crucified'?


How many mm in 1 gaze?

.0008 gaze

How many syllables are in gaze?

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What part of speech is the word gaze?

Gaze can be a verb or a noun: He liked to sit on the deck at sunset and gaze at the mountains. It was difficult to remain calm under his penetrating gaze.

Is gaze verb or noun?

Gaze can be a verb or a noun. As a verb, an example would be, I like to gaze at the beautiful scenery. As a noun, an example would be, he turned his gaze in my direction.

What do stargazers eat?

they eat eels and smaller fishes than itself