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If you're just starting the pill, it's best to take the pill on the first day of your period. My GYN told me that you can also start the pill the Sunday following the start of your period... That way, it's easier to keep track of whether or not you took/missed your pill that day.

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Q: Do start pill before or after your period?
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Will you have a period if you start the pill 1 week before your period?

If you start the pill a week before your period, you probably will not get it when expected. Instead, you'll get it at the end of the pill pack.

What is a sugar pill and what does it do?

A sugar pill is what women take to start their period. It allows the period to start.

What if you start the birth control pill a week before your period starts?

You can start the pill at any time during your cycle. If you start a week before your period, use a back up method of birth control for the first seven days of the pack.

Can you start the pill right after you period?

yes that excactly when you suppose to start your pill.

After the last pill when will your period start?

Your period will start within 7 days

Should you keep taking the pill if your period starts before you are finished the active pills?

Yes. Even though you start your period you should continue taking the pill until you don't have any left. Then take the next pill pack. Your period can start in the middle of the pack, and it is normal.

You have never taken the pill before and this will be your first time when is it best to start?

Your doctor should have instructed you on when to start; however in most cases a woman begins the pill on the first Sunday after her period even if she is still on her period.

If is the first time you are taking the pill when are you suppose to take it before or after your period?

during ur period or after.but always start on a Sunday

I was supposed to start my period on Sunday but I started the pill before I started bleeding?

The pill is kind of a way in making your body thinking its pregnant (progesterone) If you take this pill before your expected period it will throw off your menstrual cycle..You should take the pill regularly and not take it for 7 days. this is when you should get your period. A doctor should tell you to start the pill after your period...( a Sunday is a good day). some times there are 7 different colored pills...which are sugar pills...they have no effects on your body....they just remind you when to start a new pack.

If you are not on the pill but going away and do not want to come on your period. Will your period be delayed if you start to take the pill before you are due on?

No, starting the Pill will not immediately cause a delay in your period and starting the Pill late in your cycle can cause breakthrough bleeding that can last for days or weeks. The pill will start delaying periods after taken for a full cycle, depending on the hormones and your reaction sometimes it takes a couple cycles.

Can you start the pill without having your period?

Your are suppose to start the birth control pill the Sunday after your period. If you haven't had a period its best to take a pregnancy test to make sure your not pregnant. If you test is negative then you can go to your gyne doctor and they can give you a pill to start your period.

If you started taking the birth control pill a few days before your period was supposed to start when will you get your period?

At the end of your pill pack most likely. If you don't get it, you may need a different type of pill. Call your doctor and talk to them to find out what you need to do if you don't get a period and the end of the pill pack.

If start taking the contraceptive pill on monday for example will your period stop from monday and only come again during the 'break' at the end of the pill cycle?

You start taking the pill at the end of your period, and then, yes you will not have a period again until the break in the pill.

When you are on the pill when can you expect to start your period?

Normally you should start the day or day after you take the first placebo pill.

What happens if you start taking the pill before your period starts if you only want to skip your period?

You won't have a period as long as you're taking the pill, but as soon as you come off it you'll have a period. You shouldn't take the pill for more than 21 consecutive days before giving yourself a 7 day break from it due to build-up of hormones.

How long does your period last if you're on the birth control pill?

All women are different. You may start on any day during the last week of the pill pack. If you start before or after those pills, you need to get on a different type of pill.

Does your period stop after last day of sugar pills?

It may start before, on, or after the last placebo pill. You should continue taking the pill on schedule regardless of bleeding.

If you didn't have your period this month and you start taking the pill on the 30Th when will the pill start working?

You shouldn't start taking the pill until you have started or have just ended you period. You should speak to your doctor about when you should start taking the pill if it has been prescribed to you for cycle regulation because you will need to make sure that the reason you have not had a period is not due to pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant while on the pill and the week before your period?

Yes. The pill is not always affective.

Is it normal to bleed before your period while on the pill?

yes, if you miss a pill or two.

When do you start your new pack of birth control pills?

You start your new pack of pills when you finish your old pack. Lets say you had you last pill on a Wednesday, you then start your new pill on Thursday. If its your first pack you have ever taken then you either start your first pill on the day you start your period or on the Sunday during your period. At first you period will not go with the pill correctly; it my take a month or two for your period to adjust.

How long should it take for your period to start after your last contraceptive pill?

Well I'm on the pill and I start my period pills (white pills) on the Saturday and sometimes I won't get it till Wednesday. On average it's usually Tuesday before I get it. But everyone may be different

If you start taking the pill the first day of the period instead of starting Sunday as recommended?

If you start the pill on the first day of your period, you have immediate protection against pregnancy.

Can you start your pill on day 3 of your period?

No, as it will stop your period and you will have terrible pains, you can only start taking them when your off, and you have to do that till you stop taking the pill or you won't have your periods.

What happens if you take a pill 4 days before your period and its the very first time you ever taken birth control?

That means you didn't start the pill when you were suppose to. The birth control pill is suppose to be taken at the end of your period. If you did that and then you got your next period so soon, you're on the wrong pill. This very seldom does happen.