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Yes, they eat an assortment of things.

They will eat algae that grows on the floor or items in the pond.

They will also eat dead matter that falls to the floor of the pond,

Later on, also bloodworms, fish food and micro organisms.

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Do tadpoles eat celery?

No, they do not. They eat algae.

Will wild tadpoles eat what pet tadpoles eat?

Algae and other plant matter.

What eat tadpoles?

Most tadpoles are herbivorous, subsisting on algae and plants.

Do tadpoles eat moss and algae?

Tadpoles do eat moss and algae. They are dependent on these and other plants until they are old enough to turn into frogs.

What do baby northern leopard frogs eat?

Baby frogs are tadpoles. Tadpoles eat algae.

How do tadpoles eat?

During the developmental stage, tadpoles will eat their own yolks. After that, they eat plants and algae with their mouth.

Do tadpoles eat coral reef?

No! Tadpoles do not eat coral reef, they eat the decomposed organisms there, alongside with Algae.

What kind of food do tadpoles eat?

It depends on what kind of tadpoles you have. Most are herbivores, which eat algae and plants.

What do tadpoles and frogs eat?

Tadpoles eat mostly algae (plants) whereas adult frogs eat mostly insects.

What might tadpoles eat?

I think that they eat algae. on rocks and plants.

Are plants safe for tadpoles to eat?

Plants are safe for tadpoles to eat and are one of their favorite foods. Tadpoles also like to eat algae which can be found growing on plants.

Do tadpoles eat?

Yes. The eat mostly algae, but also small creatures. And in the case of the Wellington toad, other tadpoles.

What creatures eat algae that live in the pond?

Snails and tadpoles

Are tadpoles good pets?

yes, and they eat algae and plants.

What do tadpoles eat in the wild?

They eat mostly algae, but also small creatures. In the case of the Wellington toad, other tadpoles. If not enough algae, then they will eat each other. I hear that you could feed the tadpoles food, but I don't know if that is a good idea. Just go to a local pet store and buy an algae plant.

Are tadpoles Omnivores?

yes they mostly eat algae and sometimes they eat each other

What do amphibian larvae eat?

Tadpoles eat algae and other plant matter in the wild.

Can tadpoles eat fish food?

Tadpoles typically eat plants and algae but can also eat fish food, lettuce, egg yolk and baby cereal.

Why are tadpoles not considered carnivores?

Tadpoles eat algae until they develop into a frog or toad and leave the water. The adults are carnivores.

What do tadpoles eat and how?

Different types of tadpoles eat different things; some eat mostly algae, whereas others eat frog eggs provided by a female, and still other canabalize other tadpoles. Tadpoles eat via their small mouths, located on the ventral surface of the head.

Can tadpoles live in clean water?

the truth is they can but put algae in it so they can eat

What creatures eat algae in ponds?

fish , and turtles , snails frogs, and tadpoles

What do little baby frogs eat?

tadpoles will eat algae or dead skin off fallen members where when the grow tadpoles become more carnivores feeding on less algae and more bugs once they get the long tongue

What do frogs and tadpoles eat?

Frog food is available at pet stores. However, wild frogs and tadpoles eat small bugs, algae, and sometimes small crickets.

Can tadpoles eat fish flakes?

Yes. Spirulina flakes are best. They are flakes made from 100% algae, which is what most tadpoles eat. you can get spirulina flake online at