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No, you're just laying there. If you want to burn calories you have to be active. The best activities to burn calories: running, raquetball, uphill cycling, swimming and anything that vigorously uses the large muscle groups.


They just burn your skin and make you look a lot older very quick = ). It's really quite simple.

The answer is YES, you burn approximately 53 calories per hour while resting. As for the increased aging process while tanning, I have tanned for well over 25 years & I have silky skin like a baby. Everyone guesses me to be 5 - 10 years younger than I am. The reasons? I have always used very good tanning lotions that are made specifically for indoor tanning (most have anti-aging & special skin emollients for the indoor tanning process & honestly aide in excellent skin care.

After tanning you should use a good liquid shower soap like Bath & Body Works brand, then lotion down your entire body with a good lotion after showering. Bath & Body Works or one of the after tan lotions like Kiss or Angel. If you prefer an unscented lotion try C.O. Bigalow also sold @ Bath & Body Works. C.O. Bigalow is made by Apothecaries that have been in this business since the 1800's & is a top of the line lotion but is priced reasonable. You should also use a good facial cleanser & lotion, I have sensitive skin & L'Oreal products are reasonably priced & excellent for your skin in aiding with moisture & anti-aging.

I used to be a beauty consultant & I know what's good for your skin. You also need the Vitamin D from the sun for good health & also aides in battling depression. Tanning beds also provide this. Yes, with over exposure it is not healthy for anyone. I tan approximately 1-2 times a week, more if I have a special occasion to attend. Sometimes more, sometimes less. You can go 4-6 weeks without tanning & with good skin care; not completely lose your tan & with 2 - 20 minute sessions you can regain most or all of the tan you lost, but you gave your skin a break which is important. Everything has its pros & cons but tanning is good for you as long as you are aware of the safe limits & you take good care of your skin & body.

Beauty starts from the inside so eat healthy, drink a lot of liquids & use a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement & you're good to go. You'll find your immune system improving, your skin & hair to be in better condition & your emotional/mental well being has improved. Family Genes do play a role as well but not as much as you might expect as long as you take good of yourself.

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Q: Do tanning beds burn calories and if so how long do you have to go to burn them?
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What is the most healthy way to get a tan?

Well I think spray tan if you tan to easily in the sun. Also tanning beds can burn you badly if you stay in too long.

What are the safety features of the tanning bed?

Tanning beds include a session timer as a safety feature, so that you do not stay in the tanning bed too long. Most beds also have internal cooling systems that cool the bed and the body during the sesion and after.

Is sunless tanning a safe alternative to sunbathing?

If you mean tanning beds, then no. Tanning beds are said to cause cancer and are even banned in some areas. If you're going to go sunbathing, just make sure to use sunscreen and not be outside for too long.

Do you burn calories when you laugh?

Yes. You burn calories as long as you are living. Just breathing burns calories.

Can the tanning beds cause itchy inner thighs?

I believe tanning beds do not cause itchy thighs as long as you use it properly and by applying the right lotion or skin care. If you want more tanning bed tips to help you out during the tanning process, here's a good source:

Do tanning beds age your skin?

Sometimes, if your in them for to long, one time I was in a tanning bed to long and whoop dee doo I was turned into a baked potater on a hot tin roof

How can you get a tan without a tanning bed sun tanning or spray tanning?

Tanning beds and tanning by lying out in the Sun both do long term damage to your skin. A tan is your bodies responce to radiation (UV) damage. If you must have a tan then spray tanning (a dye) is your best option.

How long should you tan in a tanning bed?

Tanning beds have a "max" time. Work up to the max time minute by minute and do not tan longer than the max time. tanning beds are usually 10,15,or 20 minutes. The less max time the bed has the better and more efficient it is.

Does sleep walking burn calories?

well have you heard of the saying as long as you are moving you will burn calories so there is your answer.

Can dancing burn 500 calories?

Yes. Any activity can burn 500 calories if you do it long enough.

When would it be in a persons best advantage to purchase home tanning beds?

If you and your family members frequently use tanning beds then it could be in your best interest to purchase your own, especially if you also have to drive long distances to do so. I would still be hesitant though as it is easier to use it safely in a tanning salon.

How long do you run to burn 640 calories?

if you can burn 300 calories after running for 20 minutes then you can probably run 50 to 51 minutes to burn 640 calories

What illnesses does sunbathing cause?

Although indoor tanning may seem like a convenient way to bronze your skin, there are harmful effects that may develop long-term. Tanning salons offer clients quick ways to tan. With powerful tanning beds that emit ultraviolet rays, clients are offered even tans from high-intensity rays. Skin cancer, sexually transmitted diseases and long-term eye damage can result, however, from improper tanning or poor maintenance of tanning beds.there are only a few diseases caused by sunbathing or tanning beds and they areSkin cancer and STD(Sexually Transmitted Disease)

How long must you exercise to burn calories?

I'm quite certain that the moment you begin working out, you burn calories.

Can you get in the tanning bed with braces?

Braces should not affect tanning as long as your mouth is closed. However, tanning beds are not necessarily a good idea anyway. Too much tanning tends to dry out the skin, and can even lead to skin cancer. Do you really need a tan?

How many calories do you burn snowboarding?

It depends how hard and how long you snowboard.. A 150 pound woman will burn approximatly 330 calories in 30 minutes of snowboarding. If you weigh more you will burn more calories if you weigh less you will burn less calories.

How do you measure fat calories?

calories are flammable the measurer people burn and see how big the burn is how how hot it is or how long it burns

Does chewing gum burn calories?

chewing gum does burn calories. burning more calories calories than the gum has depends on how many colories the gum has and how long you chew it.

How many calories are burnt during long jump?

you burn 220 calories after an hour of long jump

How long does it take to burn off 3000 calories?

How long it takes to burn off 3000 calories depends on the activity you choose and your size. If you select a moderate activity that burns off 200 calories an hour, it will take you 15 hours to burn off that many calories.

How long would it take to burn off 50 calories?

5 minutes of high-intensity aerobatics can burn 45 calories.

How long does it take to burn 1000 calories in the gym?

a long time.

How do you burn 300 calories?

go for a long run

How long do you have to run to burn 2000 calories?


Why should teens be banned from tanning beds?

The average teen will want a deep tan quickly. They are in danger of going to a tanning bed and tanning for long periods of time. This could cause certain skin cancers and cancerous moles, like melanoma.