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Do teenage boys like fat or skinny girls?


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May 29, 2009 1:10AM

honestly...skinny girls. At least in this world today. But don't worry it really depends on the person

but there's always a few guys that are perfect and amazingg. you just cant fall into there trap. trust me i know pretty much every line, trap, lie etc. that boys tell us girls. no one can get past me now hah. but seriosuly. just act confident and be careful with whcich guys talk to you and what they act like. but you just gotta be very careful on who ya choose. --- I've had loads of experience. Guys like party girls with butts & boobs. It's just that simple! guys like girls who can keep up with them, who dont whine incessantly, who keep themselves in shape and who are not afraid to take some initiative to show the guy they like that they desire and respect him. Some of the sexiest women i have met were not the skinny waif chicks, they are quite varied in body style from slender to stout but they all were in good athletic shape. i belive that the guy always prefers not skiney or fat but who ever needs confort because they are easy targets and men just want a quicky but in total agen it depends on the man and or women) by ms parrish