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The answer to this is purely subjective since it will change from person to person. What men prefer in regards to a woman's physical appearance varies significantly from man to man. Some men love blondes, and some adore brunettes! Some are very attracted to skinny girls, while other guys love a woman with some curves!

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Does harry styles prefer blondes of brunettes?


Does Taylor Lautner prefer blondes or brunettes?

ginger ninjas

Why do men like blondes more than brunettes?

There is no evidence to say that men prefer blondes more than brunettes. It is a matter of personal preference.

Does Jordan witzigreuter prefer blondes or brunettes?

Jordan perfers brunettes he said it on a(n) interview on youtube

Does Batista prefer brunettes or blondes?

Batista loves blondes i mean cant you tell Batista loves blondes i mean cant you tell

Does Danny Jones prefer blondes or brunettes?

both he dated a brunette an a blonde

What do Mexicans prefer white blondes redheds or brunettes?

brown hair Holmes

Does Bradie prefer blondes or brunettes?

Bradie prefers someone that will keep him happy and loves him for him :)

Does Kevin Jonas prefer blondes or brunettes?

he siad he liked all colors on his you tube chat

Are blondes cuter then burnettes?

different people have different opinions on this subject. I, for one, prefer brunettes.

Does Liam Payne prefer blondes or brunettes?

He has mentioned multiply times that he prefers a good cheeky brunette

Does Nick Jonas prefer blondes or brunettes?

omg of course he like blondes oh btws I love blue eyes too!hope I helpedlove nick

Who has more fertility blondes or brunettes?

Neither both have an equal chance at conceiving a child. when people say this, blondes tend to look younger, making them more fertile. But thats a stereotype. In fact, Men dont even prefer blondes over brunettes. and if they do and they pick someone because of there hair color, they are there fore, DOUCHES

Does Taylor Lautner prefer blonds or brunettes?

If I were Taylor Lautner then I would prefer blondes!!!!!!!!!!!! love, are you a racist?? Discriminating against us cause we're darker.. tut tut

What word can be use instead of like?

Prefer of favor can be used instead of like.Example sentences:Would you prefer beef or chicken?He tends to favor blondes over brunettes.

Are blondes or brunettes more beautiful?

It depends on the person! Although studies have shown that guys (the majority) prefer to date blondes, but would rather marry a brunette.Another Answer:Definetly Brunnettes, there more patient. blonde and brunette look good together!! I am brunette with blonde highlightsOMG! Brunettes! I mean for real... I know a hot guy who dated brunettes and dumped two blondes cuz a brunette came in the picture.. :D

Are brunettes jealous of blonds?

Definitaly! But because of all the stuff I hear about blond's like them being cute and sexy and stuff, if i were a brunette I sure would be. That is so not true, Brunettes have NO reason to be jealous of blondes. Blondes are called fake, dumb , cute and bubbly. But when someone talks about a brunette you hear sexy, mysterious, etc. Plus, most guys prefer brunettes.

Is blonde better than brunette?

Objectively speaking, there is no reason why one hair color is better than another. Subjectively, we are all entitled to our preferences. Some prefer blondes and some prefer brunettes.

Do boys prefer blondes or brunettes?

that theery is a load of rubbish lol it tottally depends on the guys likes and dislikes. If he preffers blondes then so be it but seriously dont get upset and annoyed its the same as gingers are out casts when they totally arent. good luck x practice on blondes. marry brunettes. everybody knows that. and now you do. lol! i love gingers, my best friend is a ginger and she's really pretty!

Do harry styles prefer blondes brunettes or redheads?

He said that he dosn't have a favorite hair colour on a girl. he also said that most girls he's dated are blonde..

Which hair colour do one direction like?

Harry dosent have a prefrence although he has dated mostly blondes Liam, zayn, louis and niall all prefer brunettes.

Does kellan lutz prefer blondes or brunettes?

I'm pretty sure he likes brunettes when i read in pop magazine but he's well-rounded so i don't he prefers a certain type of girl he just has to be attracted i don't hair color matters.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes writer?

The Gentlemen Prefer Blondes series was written by Anita Loos.

Who's better blondes or brunettes?

Blondes, bcuz in my school, 7/8 are smarter and are in the aims classes Well, like they say, "Gentlemen prefer blondes," and blondes seem to get a lot of attention. Blonde, or blonde highlights, is also the number 1 haircolor requested in the salon. i agree too cuz i just dyed me hair blonde about a week ago.

Does Cody Simpson only like brunettes?

No he does not ONLY like brunettes. But he does prefer them.