Do the Australian special forces allow people with Asperger's Syndrome to join?

Yes, its still possible, but it will all depend on how you conduct your interview. If you dont make eye contact, dont keep conversations together, or dont talk smoothly or clearly, then you wont be taken seriously. Also, a few things to remember that are not mentioned on the commando pamphlet: * If you select commando as you job preference, then infanty must be your second preference. * You MUST get daily excercise or do daily hard work to be taken seriously * You should be a member of a compeditive team, or at least play a compeditive sport. * Your motivations should stand clear as someone aiming to be a professional rather than a cowboy looking for adventure. * Its recommended that you take up studying engineering or mechanics at TAFE college. these courses are short, can be studied part time, evenings, and one day a week, plus show some consistancy for relevant material on your behalf.