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Q: Do the Egyptian people fear Hosni Mubarak?
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What do Egyptian sodiers fear?

the exodes

What did a Ancient Egyptian fear?

stinky cheese and borritoes

What does Anubis fear?

Egyptian myth does not say Anubis feared anything.

Does Anubis fear other gods?

No Egyptian myth says he does, so likely no.

What is the fear of sales people?

The fear of sales people can be categorized as the fear of strangers: Xenophobia.

What phobia is the fear of people in your home?

Perhaps it is Anthropophobia, the fear of people, fear of human company.

How do you say fear god in ancient Egyptian?

It's called an online translator-check into it.

What do most people fear?

There is nothing to fear but fear itself. The fear of the unknown

What phobia is the fear of Mexican people?

Esaiophobia is the fear of Mexican people.

What is the fear of straight people called?

If fear of gays is homophobia, then fear of straight people would be heterophobia.

Does Israel hate Egypt?

No. From the Sadat Peace Treaty until the fall of Hosni Mubarak (1979-2011) Israel had a good trade and tourism relationship with Egypt. Israelis have no ill-will towards anyone who does not wish them harm. However, the current government under Mohammed Morsi has given a number of Israelis pause, since the world's largest Arab State is now in turmoil. Israelis fear that the Egyptian-Israeli Peace might be rescinded and Israel might be forced to engage Egypt in another war. So while Israelis may be scared of Egypt and scared for Egyptians, there is no hate.

What is a fear of people called?

A fear of people is called People Phobia or social phobia

Should people fear sharks or should sharks fear people?

people should not fear them they should fear us we hunt them for food and it is environmentally wrong and it is animal curtly.

What phobia is the fear of people?

The correct term is Anthropophobia (fear of people or society), or Sociophobia (fear of social situations).

Fear of going places and people around you?

Anthropophobia is the fear of people. Agoraphobia is the fear of crowded and public places

People should not fear the government government should fear the people?

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. Thomas Jefferson

What is the phobia 'fear of tall people' called?

Gigantasophobia is the fear of tall people.

What phobia is the fear of tall people?

I believe that gigaphobia is the fear of tall people.

What is the fear of ugly people?

Cacophobia - fear of ugly people or becoming ugly.

What is the fear of Chinese people?

The fear of Chinese people or their culture is called Sinophobia.

What is the name for the fear of people?

The fear of people or society can be classified as Anthropophobia or Sociophobia.

What is the scientific name for the fear of people?

Anthropophobia fear of meeting new people =)

What is the word for people who are afraid of having a fear?

Its called 'phobiaphobia', which is the fear of fear.

What do you fear?

In snowboarding people fear falling over

What do spiders fear?

they fear people most of the time