Do the IRA CIRA LVF UFF UVF etc have dress uniforms?

I know that some of the IRA companies have a dress uniform of a black beret, white shirt, black tie, black shoes, black trousers with a green jacket and white dress belt.

They might wear a balaclava when they're on active duty but they don't have dress uniforms... they're members of terrorist organisations, not the bloody boyscouts!

To be honest I dont know but the IRA view themselves as the legitimate army of Ireland so I would imagine that some of the high ranking members probably do

Political Uniforms are illegal in the UK since the early 30's when uniformed Blackshirts and Communists clashed in London such as in the Battle of Cable Street. This has never been invoked against any Northern Irish group. The IRA and other groups were frequently seen in DPM clothing but any standardisation is probably unintended.