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yeah... I gues so why not? they do. h o p e this helps!

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Why do people avoid Christmas gifts?

because it is to much money and we are in a rescssion

What are some good Christmas gifts for babysitters?


How much money annually is spent on Christmas gifts?

The amount of money that is spent on Christmas gifts annually is not known. It depends on how well the economy is doing and the amount of money people have to spend, and how much they use their credit cards to buy gifts. It is probably safe to assume the amount spent is in the millions of dollars or even more.

How much total money is spent in US on gifts each year?

There are billions of dollars that are spent each year in the United States on gifts. The bulk of this money is spent on Christmas gifts.

Do churches take more money on Easter or Christmas?

They make more money on Easter since parents are not tight on money while buying gifts in the Christmas season.

What is Christmas givings?

Christmas givings is when people excahnge gifts on Christmas, the 25th of December. Christmas was originally a pagan holiday that was turned into the celebration of Jesus' birth. Jesus is the Son of God, and Christians recognize the 25th as the day to remember his amazing birth. You can read about the Christmas story in the beginning of the New Testament of the Christian Bible. Christians, and other people, give gifts on the 25th as a sign of celebration and appreciation for one another. Gifts can include money, gift cards, toys, jewelry, and anything else! Merry Christmas!

What holiday do people spend the most money?

Usually Christmas. During Christmas, there are usually many sales and price cuts but that's why people spend more than they think they are. They also buy many gifts for others.

What do Americans celebrate more Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Christmas Answer: Although more money is spent on Christmas than Thanksgiving (food + gifts vs. food), more people celebrate Thanksgiving (a secular holiday) than Christmas ( a Christian religious holiday.)

What do Irish people call money?

Money or cash

What are some ideas for unusual Christmas gifts without spending any money?

There are a number of ideas for Christmas gifts that don't cost any money. Some of these include offering someone gadget training, babysitting as well as teaching them certain skills.

Where is the best place to find great Christmas gift ideas?

Great Christmas gift ideas can be found online at Money Saving Expert. They have fifty gifts for $5 each or less. Architecture online is another great place to shop for Christmas gifts. They have gifts from below $100 to under $20.

I know a 11 year old girl that wants to make money to buy her family Christmas gifts how can she make money?

An 11 year old girl that wants to make money to buy her family Christmas gifts is limited in her choices. She could offer to pet sit for friends and relatives.

Dominican republic do they celebrate Christmas and how?

Christmas is celebrated, but not like in more developed countries. Since people are off work and out of school, many families travel to get together for the holiday and a Christmas meal. In the pueblos, due to lack of money, gifts are not exchanged.

Can you give people money on meez?

No, but you can send gifts.

Why do people chose to do bad things around a time like Christmas?

If you are talking about stealing, mainly because they know people have expensive gifts and there is a certain location in the house. Like under a Christmas tree. Its also a time for people to spend more money than usual. Mainly people steel cause they don't have the money for the items they wish to have.

What are some Christmas gifts?

CandyMoneyGift cardsClothesElectronicsToysBooksMovies

What age does a kid start buying their parents Christmas gifts?

a kid can start making hand made gifts at the age of 5 and can start buying small gifts from their pocket money as soon as they start getting pocket money(may be age 10)

Why would someone want to be engaged with no plans of marriage?

Money Money Money, Gifts Gifts Gifts...

What are some Christmas gifts beginning with the letter m?

· magazine subscription · Merlot · moccasins · money · motorcycle · mug

Where would be a good place to purchase Christmas gifts for office staff?

If you are interested in purchasing Christmas gifts for office staff, there are many stores you can go to. Since you won't want to spend a bunch of money, places such as Walmart have them well priced.

You are 11 years old and you need to make money for other peoples Christmas presents?

Just home make gifts! Thats the best for younger people such as your self. Family members LOVE home made gifts. Decorate cards, paint a picture!

How can one avoid buying the worst possible Christmas gifts?

One can avoid buying the worst possible Christmas gifts by asking the person what they would prefer, giving them a gift card or money or paying attention to them to figure out a great present to purchase for them.

What do you drop when Christmas or a birthday is coming up?

you drop money b/c both of the events require buying gifts

Do Irish people usually have good money?

Lots of Irish people have good jobs and earn lots of money. Others may not earn as much. It is much the same as in most countries.

What do good girls and boys get on Christmas in china?

we huv Spring Festival (Tsun Jee) same as Christmas Day/ so we donnt get gifts or somethinelse on christmas but children can get gifts, money, new clothes, shoes, toys, what they are always dreaming of etc. and...good girls and boys, of course, can get more and more than those... anyway, merry christmas.