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I would say many do but they don't have access or sex education so they don't always know what to ask for. The Catholic church only teaches that sex is safe on the days when you don't ovulate but they seem to have missed that ovulation can start again when you have a orgasm and that only 12% of all women ovulate on the same day every month. The pull out method is no Birth Control method either since 1/4 get pregnant that way. Filipino women are like most women in this world and would like to have the option of using birth control. In the rest of the world the same % of Catholic and Protestant women use birthcontrol, 98%.

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Q: Do the Philippines believe in contraception?
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Do Christians believe in contraception?

Most married Christians practice contraception. The Catholic Church teaches against certain types of contraception, and the Orthodox communities are not united on this subject, and probably still working it through. Most Protestant denominations do not teach against contraception.

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What are the causes of the teenage pregnancies in the Philippines?

Two thirds of them could probably have been avoided if the Catholic Church allowed sex education and instruction in contraception.

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Contraception is unnaturalContraception is anti-lifeContraception is a form of abortion

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Is birth control a form of contraception?

Birth control pills are a form of contraception. The phrase "birth control" means the same thing as "contraception."

What can you say about rh bill?

The RH Bill is the Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines. The laws mandates access to contraception, fertility control, sexual ed and maternal care to everyone.

What is the Catholic Church's teaching on contraception?

It teaches that all forms of contraception are evil.

What do Protestant Christians say about contraception?

A:Protestants are overwhelmingly in favour of the use of contraception.

What has the author Henri Rozenbaum written?

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