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Yes, the effect only works after the effect resolves, so you can activate it in a chain to "Royal Decree". Cards like "Dust Tornado" can even destroy "Royal Decree" as it is chained to "Royal Decree"'s activation. When the chain resolves, "Dust Tornado" will destroy "Royal Decree" and "Royal Decree"'s effect will disappear since it is no longer on the field.

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Q: Do the Seven Tools of the Bandit work on Royal Decree in Yu-Gi-Oh?
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Can you royal decree seven tools of the bandit?

Seven Tools of the Bandit is a counter trap, and therefore spell speed 3. If your Royal Decree is set, then you may not activate it in chain because it is only spell speed 2. If Royal Decree is already active though, it will negate Seven Tools when it tries to resolve.

What can counter Solemn Judgment?

A few things. Seven Tools of the Bandit, Dark Bribe, another Solemn Judgment, Counter Counter, and an already-active Royal Decree (Royal Decree cannot be chained to Solemn Judgment).

Can you still activate counter trap cards to negate cards while royal decree is in effect?

You can still activate them, but Royal Decree negates all other traps except itself, so they will be negated. You can however activate such a card like Seven Tools of The Bandit to negate the activation of Royal Decree itself and destroy it, because Royal Decree does not apply the negation effect until it resolves.

What yu gi oh card can negate the effect of a trap card?

Jinzo, Royal Decree and Trap Stun negate the effects, Trap Jammer, Solemn Judgment, Seven Tools of the Bandit negate both activation and effect.

Can you seven tools of the bandit a seven tools of the bandit?

Yes you can. The second Seven Tools of the Bandit will negate the first one, meaning the original Trap Card the first one wanted to negate, will be able to resolve as normal.

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In yu-gi-oh If you use nutrient z but your opponent uses seven tools of the banditdo you still get your lifepionts?

No. If a card is negated, no part of the effect is applied. Seven Tools of the Bandit is negating Nutrient Z, so you do not gain the lifepoints when you take enough battle damage.