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Do the aboriginals have anything to do with the drought in Australia?

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The Aborigines have nothing to do with the drought in Australia. It is more likely to be the effects of white man and his earlier tendency to clear land for tha sake of greed, rather than considering the long-term effects of his actions. Before European settlers arrived and started their campaign of massive land-clearing, the Australian continent had its regular seasons of wet and dry, but most likely not the debilitating long periods of drought that many regions endure these days. The effects of drought are exacerbated by overgrazing livestock, which leave the earth bare. The introduced rabbit has had a similar effect.
Some may believe the Aborigines placed a curse on Australia when their land was invaded and they were forcibly removed. For those who believe in the power of curses, they may also believe the Aborigines have something to do with the drought. Science would say otherwise ... but then ... science cannot always explain everything. Many Aboriginal methods of traditional hunting and gathering was done so as not to impact negatively on their surroundings. Traditional Aborigines used fire responsibly to help the regeneration purpose, and they moved on to new food sources with the seasons, always ensuring there was enough left to replenish and regenerate the supply for the following year. It should be noted that the Aborigines themselves have suffered greatly in past droughts. In 1902, a severe drought affected central Australia, where European settlement and influence was still minimal, yet the Aborigines were dying from starvation. Whilst European settlement can certainly be blamed for the exacerbation of drought conditions, this event alone indicates that drought is often a natural situation which occurs regardless of man's activities.

2009-06-06 06:43:11
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Q: Do the aboriginals have anything to do with the drought in Australia?
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