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Yes. Similar figures are the same shape, but not necessarily the same size; their angles are equal.

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How many sides does a hexagon have?


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What is important about the angles of similar figures?

when it comes to similar figures or angles you must know that they are the same shape but not the same size.

Do similar figures have corresponding angles that are supplementary?

Corresponding angles in similar figures should be the same, not supplementary.

What do similar figures have that's the same?

They have similar proportional shapes and the same angles.

Explain why similar figures are not always congruent?

similar figures have the same angles but not necessarily the same side lengths

What is different about similar and congruent figures?

Congruent figures are identical in dimensions and angles whereas similar figures have dimensions in proportion to congruent figures but both have exactly the same angles.

How are similar and congruent figures the same?

Congruent figures are similar - in sides as well as angles. Corresonding angles of similar figures congruent but their sides are not. The sides are all in some fixed ratio. [If that ratio is 1, the figures are congruent.]

How can I use what i know about similar figures to solve problems?

Use the fact that the ratios of corresponding sides is the same, and also that corresponding angles have the same measure.

Are all similar figures are congruent?

No because Similar figures are the same shape, angles, and types but not lengths. Congruent means EXACTLY the same in everything.

When two angles are similar their corresponding angles are?

In geometry, the term "similar" refers to figures that have the same shape but potentially different sizes (length, width, height). Strictly speaking angles don't have "size" so they would not be "similar". On the other hand if we interpret the intent to be to ask about congruent angles in similar figures the corresponding angles (i.e. angles that occupy the same relative position at each intersection where a straight line crosses two others) will also be congruent. If angles are similar in that they have approximately (but not necessarily exactly) the same measure, then their corresponding angles will also be approximately the same as each other. Stated another way: If angles A and B are very close in measure, and angle C is the corresponding angle of angle A and angle D is the corresponding angle of angle B, then angles C and D will be close in measure within bounds that can be predicted based on the difference in measure between angles A and B.

What are features that make two planar figures similar?

If all angles of two polygons are the same the figures are similar (irrespective of rotation).

If two figures are similar then are they also congruent?

No. Two figures are similar if they have same shape, and all the angles are equal; but they can have the sides of different sizes. I mean, similar figures may have different sizes, but must have the same shape.

What are figures that have the same shape but not necessarily the same size?

They are said to be similar if they have the same angles but different lengths

What are figures that have the same shape but diffrent sizes?

Providing that they have the same angles they are said to be similar shapes

Why do the angles stay the same if you enlarge or reduce a figure?

Because the figures are said to be similar to each other and retain the same angles

How can you recognize similar figures?

They have the same measure of base and height.

Why are two figures similar if their angles are the same?

because if you shrink or grow a similar figure, it would be congruent.

What is a simmilar figures?

A similar figure is proportionally the same shape as another figure and all the angles are the same.

What is the definition of corresponding?

corresponding sides angles or have the same relative poisition in similar figures.

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