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The bubbles need to go in the water, facing the bottom of the pool.

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Q: Do the bubbles on a solar cover go on top or in the water?
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Bubbles in the water?

The bubbles you see in water are air bubbles. they rise to the top then pop when they reach the surface.

When water boils what are bubbles?

When water boils, it turns to a gaseous state (water vapor). The bubbles are simply water vapor bubbles rising from the bottom to the top.

Shuold Solar covers go bubbles down or bubbles up?

Down, if you hope to heat your pool with it the bubbles (in theory) will heat up from the flat side. As there is more surface area from the bubbled side more heat (energy) will transfer to the water. I've never read any studies myself but I've read differing opinions from people in other posts. Some state the the solar cover actually blocks the sun and less heat is transfered on sunny days and that it is more beneficial to use take the cover off. Personally I find that if you leave the cover on when not using the pool, except when it's raining, the temperature stays the highest. Ensuring the cover is clean and there is no standing water on top of the cover really helps.

Best solar pool cover?

I have had several pool covers over the years, blue, blue and black, clear, clear with diamond shaped bubbles. Last year I purchase a "Gold Series" solar cover. It is blue on the top with a reflective good metallic layer that faces down. This cover is by far the best cover I have ever owned. It's high quality but more importantly I have 5-7 more degrees in water temperature then I have ever had. In July I had to take it off the water was so warm. Very pleased.

How does warm water make more bubbles than cold and hot water?

My answer is, that there are air bubbles in the bottom of it, (WHEN ITS BOILING) Than those air bubbles rise to the top, & That's how hot water bubbles more than cold water.

Why do bubbles come from the ground when water is poured on it?

The water displaces air, which moves to the top. It comes up through the water layer, creating bubbles.

Can you run your pool filter with a solar cover on it?

As I read your question - - - you want to put a solar cover over the filter. If you actually mean can you put the solar cover on the pool surface and run the filter and pump too. BTW, the filter does not move the water, the PUMP moves the water. The pump is the only piece of equipment that you would be used to run th ewater thru the filter. The pump is like the heart of the equipment pad. Then yes you can do both. The solar cover when installed as it should be - on the water - has no signifigence with regard to the filter ( the large tank). The purpose of running the pump either with the cover on or off would be to move or circulate the water. With a solar cover on the surface of the water - only the top two feet of the water is warmed. The rest of the pool remains cooler. Circulating the water would move that warm water and mix it with the cooler water. Think about it.

What is in the bubbles of boiling water?

The bubbles in boiling water are steam or vaporized water. The bubbles initially do not reach the surface of the billing fluid as the colder water away from the hot bottom cools the steam turning it back to liquid. WHen all the water is at 100oC the bubbles reach the top.

Why do bubbles go to the top of the water?

because i told them to do so. ;)

What state of matter are bubbles?

Gas... bubbles are formed when water (or another liquid substance) are heated up and then turned to gas. When water on a fire heats up at the bottom of a container that water turns to gas before the water at the top. Since gas is lighter than water it rises in the form of a bubble and pops at the surface. So bubbles are in the state of gas, surrounded or covered by a 'membrane' (a thin cover) of liquid

Why are there bubbles in your water after a while of leaving it out?

the water is evaporating which pulls the water into a gas and the air bubbles take up at that space, come to the top, and dissappear so if its out long enough the bubbles might go away

Can you leave your pool top cover on and run your pump?

I have done this with my solar cover without any trouble

Do fish have spit?

yes does bubbles at the top of the water are made by spit

Why air bubbles rise in liquids?

Air is lighter than water, so the air bubbles just float to the top.

Why is it no matter what color your bubble bath is the bubbles are always white?

The bubbles will always be white even if the bubble bath is a different color because it is the oxygen in the water that creates the bubbles. When the water foams, it is just like the bubbles on top of a beer that is poured from a tap. The bubbles are mostly air.

Can you recognize gases in soda water?

Yes you can, all those little bubbles that float from the bottom to the top are Carbon Dioxide bubbles.

Is air less dense than water?

Of course it is. That is why bubbles rise to the top.

How do you keep a solar cover from blowing off of the top of a above ground swimming pool?

if it's the right size for your pool, it will "stick" to the water and not blow off.

What is a solar blanket?

It's a polyvinyl cover that lays on top of a pool and keeps heat in.

If there's a solar blanket on the pool water surface during a heavy rain will the solar blanket sink under the surface or will it keep floating?

It will keep floating. Some of the water will remain on the top of the cover, but most will run off the side and enter the pool.

How many bubbles are sopose to be at the top of the betta tank for it to mate?

A large enough amount to cover half of the 10 gallon

What causes bubbles to rise on top of water?

The gas inside the bubble is less dense than the surrounding water

Why large bubbles form when water boils what are the bubbles made of?

When water boils, the bubbles are made of water vapor. Water is changing from the liquid phase to the gas phase, but it doesn't change all at once, so you get bubbles of gas inside the liquid. The phase change will happen first at the location where heating is taking place, so if you have a pot on a stove, the bubbles will form at the bottom of the pot, and then rise to the top.

How do you put on a solar cover?

Lay your solar cover, bubble side down on top of the pool Just want to add, we bought a solar cover for our above ground Intex pool. The cover completely covers the pool and keeps the pool water very warm (which is the purpose). However, you need to double your chlorine to keep from getting algae. It's almost like having a spa. When I lift the solar cover, there is condensation on the cover and steam coming out. So you need to really watch your chlorine levels. : You may also want to try using a liquid solar cover. They are really easy and relatively of all, you don't have to put them on and pull them off all the time. Check out

How do you know if your lawn mower's gas tank has water inside of it?

bubbles on top of gas in tank