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Yes, car loan payment calculators should calculate interest of the car loan. They will most likely ask you to enter the interest rate, so they can include interests in their calculations.

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Q: Do the car loan payment calculators calculate interest of the car?
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Does a student loan calculator factor in interest?

Yes, most student loan calculators do automatically calculate interest in their payment estimators. However, it's very difficult to calculate an exact number using this system.

How do you calculate a loan payment?

One may calculate a loan payment by using a loan calculator. One would need to know the interest rate, the length of the loan, and the amount borrowed. There are several places to look for a loan calculator online. If one types in loan calculators many types will pop up. Bankrate has loan calculators for practically every type of loan there is - home, auto, credit card, etc.

Do any websites have a simple loan calculator where I can calculate the monthly payment for a loan?

There are money online loan calculators that will provide you with monthly payment information and the total amount and interest you will re-pay over the life of the loan. Here is just one of them -

What is the payment for a 3000 loan for 18 months?

Depends mostly on the interest rate. There are quite a few banks that have loan calculators on their website.

Where can I calculate my loan payment?

Here is a perfect website where you can calculate your loan and add whatever extra payments you want to see if they will make a worthwhile difference:

Where can one find loan payment calculators online?

Many online companies offer loan payment calculators for free use. Companies include Bankrate and PNC Mortgage. Other mortgage companies such as nationwide also have online loan payment calculators.

Are loan consolidation calculators reliable?

Loan Consolidation Calculators give the loanee information on how consolidating his or her loans will affect both their loan payment, loan balance, total interest, and time to repay the loans. Overall, these calculators seem to be reliable and are great tools for recent graduates before or during repayment.

Where can I find a payment calculator loan online?

There are many different online loan payment calculators available depending on what your needs are. Two important ones are and

How do you calculate interest only payment for a loan?

dr. cash cr. interst expense

How can you calculate your estimated auto loan payments?

You can calculate your auto loan payments by using an auto loan calculator that can be found on various websites. You will need to enter the following information into the online auto loan calculators: The purchase price, the cash rebate, the value of your trade in,what you had previously owed from your trade in, your down payment, and your interest rate.

How does a car payment calculator work?

Car Payment Calculators estimate the monthly payment you'd be required to make based on the cost of the automobile, your down payment, and interest. Once you enter the cost of the vehicle, your down payment, your interest rate and the length of your loan, it will give you an estimate on what your monthly payments would be. There is a helpful calculator here: Hope this helps.

Are refinance calculators accurate?

Refinance calculators are a great tool when estimating home loan and payment rates. I would not suggest they are 100% accurate, but can be useful in giving someone a close approximation as to what their payment will be at a specific interest rate.

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