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Yes, they do.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-03 19:03:51
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Q: Do the dogs on Nintendogs have to be the same breed to have puppies?
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If you have to dogs the same breed then buy a different dog not the same breed will the two dogs the same breed still have puppies in nintendogs i only have one more room for one more dog?

You can't breed in Nintendogs. They stay puppies 4ever.

Can you breed chihuahuas on Nintendogs?

No, Nintendogs remain as puppies, so they cannot be bred. The same applies to any other breed.

Can you give birth to puppies on Nintendogs?

I have heard your nintendogs can breed in dalmatian and friends, you will have to put one female and one male(both the same breed) and in a week you will have puppies.

Can two different breeds have babies on nintendogs?

unfortunately, you can't breed dogs in nintendogs. either it's the same breed or not. :(

If you have a boy and a girl of the same breed and color on nintendogs have puppies?

You can't have puppies. The only way to get another puppy is to buy one. Your dogs can't even grow up, they stay puppies all their life.

Do dogs have to be the same breed to mate?

No, but the puppies will me mixed, not purebred.

Can dogs have babies on Nintendogs?

Yes you can! but there is a catch, you have to have the same type of dog for at least 9 months and there you have it! Puppies!

Can dogs on Nintendogs and have puppies?

yes they can. get 2 dogs of the same breed and let them play together for a week or so. only feed them milk and dry food dont innterupt them in any kind of way and dont hurt them

What are some Nintendogs cheats?

YOU CAN HAVE PUPPIES if you leave two dogs (1 male and 1 female--they don't have to be the same breed) a year old at your house on Nintendogs alone for a while in OUR time they can HAVE PUPPIES I'm serious up to about 2-8 I THINK. I'm not sure but you might have to have 9,999 trainer points.

Do Nintendogs have to be the same breed to breed them?


Why can't Nintendogs have puppies?

Nintendogs never become older than puppies they always remain puppies,that's why. It is so unfortunate though!!! It would be so cute! _ ______________________ no nintendogs could have puppies you just need male and female of the same species and get them to lie on top of each other and save quickly FROM TREHUGGER556 THEY ARENT PUPPIES THEY DONT LOOK LIKE THEM DUH NINTENDOGS NOT NINTENPUPPIES. BOXER DOGS ARENT PUPPIES POODLE LAB GOLDEN ... ARENT PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! treehugger is right they can have puppies ill prove it go to youtube then search nintendogs cheats how to get puppies then it will have two or three videos of nintendogs that got puppies :D Joy202

Can a miniature schnauzer get pregnant by a American bulldog?

Yes all dogs can breed with each other. The puppies may look ugly but all dogs can breed with dogs that aren't the same breed.

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