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The fulcrum is the part that the bar sits on to form a lever. The output arm is the part that the load sits on.

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Q: Do the fulcrum is part of the bar which moves or carries the load?
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What is the pivot part of a lever?

The fulcrum is the pivot part of a lever.

What simple machine is a fulcrum part of?

A fulcrum is part of a lever.

What part of LEVER?

the fulcrum, load and effort The three parts of a lever , fulcrum, resistance arm and effort arm, work together to make it possible to lift a weight using less force ...

Which part of the atom 'moves' electricity?

the electrons are the charge carries in an atom

What can you use a sentence for fulcrum?

Fulcrum is part of a lever.

What part of a wheelbarrow is a fulcrum?

the fulcrum is the axil and the wheel

What has a pivot point between a load and an input force?

The answer is: a lever.A lever is a simple machine that has a stick that pivots at a point called a Fulcrum.There are 3 types of Lever:First class lever: A first class lever is when a fulcrum is in the middle of the input force and the load. An example is a seesaw in the playground. When you press down the side of seesaw,(input force) the other side goes up. (load, output force) In the middle, there is a fixed point.Second class lever: A second class lever is where you have the load in the middle of the Fulcrum and the input force. An example would be a wheelbarrow. The basket in the middle is the load( also called the output force) the wheel at the end is the Fulcrum, and the handle that you press up and down is the input force.Third class lever: A third class lever is a lever that has a input force in between the Fulcrum and the Load. An example is a Hammer. The sharp part is the load(output force) the part you grab and swing is the input force, and the other end of the hammer is the Fulcrum.

What is the fixed point on a lever that does not move?

The fulcrum is the fixed part of a lever. (the pivot point)

Why is the fulcrum in a lever important?

A fulcrum in a lever is very important because without a fulcrum a lever isn't a lever , and the fulcrum is the main part of a lever.

What is a part of a lever?

The fulcrum is the pivot part of a lever.

Work and simple machines answer sheet?

The fulcrum is the part of a lever that does not move. The effort is the name of the force applied to a lever. The load is the weight of the object being lifted by a lever.

What part of a tree carries water from one part to another?

the part of the tree that carries water from the roots is the phloem no,because in the science book it states:water moves through the XYLEM TISSUE up to the leaves so the answer is :XYLEM-TISSUE