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No, they do not. The Minolta XD-7, up to the X-700 takes the Minolta MD-type lenses. There are no digital slr cameras that will take an MD-mount lens. Only a camera hacker would be able to make an adapter out of spare parts in order to fit a specific dslr, and even then, the labor costs alone would be tremendous.

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Do the lenses that went with the Hasselblad 500C camera fit any of the DSLR cameras of today?

You can either put an adapter on the Hasselblad H-series bodies to accept the Hasselblad CF lenses, or put a digital back on the Hasselblad C-series body.

Do sanyo cameras bad?

yes they really do i went through 5 and they all broke between the last couple months

Is Eye's lens different from the cornea?

yes they are cornea is red and eye lenses are what u look through trust me i went to collage for it

What are the best digital cameras for the cost?

Canon seems to be the leader in digital cameras. Some other top brands are Nikon and Olympus. The cost would depend on what your needs were and whether you went with a low or high end camera.

Can you take camera to Bon Jovi concert?

It may depend on the venue he plays in, but the Bon Jovi concert I went to in 2008 allowed cameras.

What role did Caroline herschel play in Williams work?

Until she was 37, Caroline polished Williams telescope lenses. She then went on to help him discover Uranus.

What kind of designer was Yoshihisa Maitani?

Yoshihisa Maitani (January 8, 1933 - July 30, 2009) was a designer of cameras for Olympus after joining Olympus in 1956, he went on to work for them for a further 40 years. He was involved with the design of many of their most well known cameras including the Pen and Pen F half frame cameras, the OM System, the XA and later the Stylus.

When was the first digital camera released in stores?

I believe they went out in stores in about the year of 2000 That is when I got my digital camera. It was one of the first cameras out in stores!!! Thanks for the questions1

How did Teresa giudice get on the real housewives?

the producers of the show saw her shopping with her 3 daughters and went up to her and asked if she would like to be on the show. giudice was totally interested and signed to be on the show. at first giudice didn't like the cameras in her face all day. but she warmed up to the cameras and the cash!! $

Can you try contact lenses on at the eye doctor?

Yes, you can try them on if the doctor has already picked them out for otherwise no, you cant. Someone I know went to the eye doctor to get their contacts for the first time. The doctor picked out the appropiate ones, and they went into a small room and the doctor showed how to put it in. ---- Hope this answers your question!

What are the aperture settings found on a 35mm camera?

I'm assuming your talking about a 35mm film camera. Older camera lenses had aperture settings in full-stop increments. That went f1.4 f2.0 f2.8 f4.0 f5.6 f8.0 f11 f16 f22 f32 (some lenses went this high, but not many) Then newer camera lenses allowed you to go in on-third stop increments. f1.4 f1.6 f1.8 f2 f2.2 f2.5 f2.8 f3.2 f3.5 f4 f4.5 f5 f5.6 f6.3 f7.1 f8 f9 f10 f11 f13 f14 f16 f18 f20 f22 f25 f29 f32

How could you look at a plant cell in 1665?

Using a compound microscope consisting of multiple lenses, the magnification went up to 30 times the actual size making it possible to see at a semi cellular level.

Would crime increase if there wasn't electricity?

Yes. For example; during hurricane sandy the power went out. Because the power was out there were no cameras or security systems. Many stores and homes were robbed until the power was back on.

Is Meyer Optik still around?

Meyer Optik Görlitz, a German lens manufacturer, went out of business in 1990. Its lenses are still in limited use. You can learn more about them through MFLens, via Related Links, below.

How do you know if you accidentally went through a toll without paying while traveling?

You will know if you accidentally went through a toll without paying when you return home. Toll booths employ cameras that capture images of license plate tags that pass without paying. This information is used to locate the owner of the vehicle and mail them an invoice.

What are four sentences for the word film?

All cameras used to use film.From digital cameras, film photography is making a come back in 2016.The film canister was empty.A film of oil on the floor made me slip and fall.

Are discounted digital cameras hard to find?

It isn't that common. Look for stores such as Big Lots, around close by these stores have discounted prices on products from companies that went out of bussiness. Other discount stores are just as good aswell.

Who was the 2007-2008 Lifetime Achievement recipient at the Daytime Emmy Awards?

The honor went to veteran talk-show and game-show host Regis Philbin, who has logged more than 15,000 hours in front of television cameras.

Who was the first person to were glasses?

It's hard to tell. We know that the ancient Aztecs used lenses to see with, but as for Africa/Europe, that information went up in smoke when the middle-eastern armies burnt down the great Library at Alexandria millenia ago.

What is the past simple of go?

I went, you went, he went, we went, you went, they went

Should there be surveillance cameras in schools?

Without them, some parents would withdraw their children. That there is anything for such cameras to detect is a sad reflection of modern attitudes to child-rearing. Such cameras - had they been available - 50, 100, 200 years ago would have had little to observe. No pupil went to school then with the intention of killing their classmates or teachers. They knew better. Children are entrusted to a school - which acts 'in loco parentis' (in the place of the parents) - and which must do everything possible to ensure the safety of the children attending. If it fails to do so it would - as a negligent parent would - be subject to legal penalties. So, to answer the question asked - No, there should not be surveillance cameras on schools, but while they serve to deter fatal incidents involving pupils, they are a necessity which ought to be there.

Is the word went in the past tense or future tense or present tense?

WENT is the past tense of GO I went you went (singular) he went she went it went we went you went (plural) they went Examples are: He went to the bathroom to wash his hands. They went crazy when the police arrived.

What are brookfields lenses?

In his book Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher (1995) Stephen Brookfield puts forward the theory that we use four lenses thorugh which we can look at and reflect critically on our performanace. The lenses are:our own view through reflective diary or journal. Brookfield calls it autobiography.the view of our students through surveys or similarthe views of a mentor or colleague doing similar workthe theoretical perspective from literatureIn addition teachers should ask themselves questions after a teaching session such as: What went well? Why was this? How can I do it again or make it even better?.......... What didnt go so well? Why was this? How can I stop it happening again? What do I need to do?Hope this helps!S

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