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Particles in a solid are held together by tight bonds, therefore only vibrate in a fixed position. Gases, however have a weaker or no bonds at all so the particles move about more about more freely.

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Why do particles in a liquid move faster then a solid and gas?

Well it doesn't move faster then a gas. But in a solid all the particles are compacted together to make it harder for them to move.

Does warm air or cold air make gas particles move apart?

Gas particles, like the particles in all states of matter (solid, liquid, gas) are always moving apart and colloding with other particles. Gas particles have more space in between and tend to move faster than the particles in a solid or liquid state. Temperature only affects how fast a particle moves, therefore warm air makes gas particles move faster and cold air makes gas particles move slower.

Why can't you compress a solid?

the particles are to close together so you cant commpress it unless you heat it and make the particles move faster

Why does fast wind carry larger particles than slower winds?

There is more things inside that could make it faster.

When you remove energy from particles will they move slower?

They may, or they may not. Instead of removing kinetic energy (which would make the particles slower), you can also remove potential energy (which would not make them slower).

Heat is what in motion?

As energy is added to a substance, the particles that make up the substance vibrate faster. This is what causes substances to change state (solid to liquid to gas). As the particles move faster, the structure changes.

How heat energy affects the motion of particles?

When heat is added to particles. The particles start to get heated which forces them to move at a greater speed then before, when you add heat to the particles they speed up and move faster. If you make particles colder then they will move at a slower speed.

The particles that make up a solid move than do a particles that make up a gas?

All particles move solid particles vibrate gas moves fast.

If you are wearing football pads will you go faster or slower?

It will not make you go faster. It can make you go slower, Unless you are Strong enough that if won't hinder your speed.

What are the tiny particles that makes up a solid?

The tiny particles that make up a solid are atoms.

What will make an ice melt the fastest salt or sugar?

Sugar is made up of Sucrose..... That type of element also has a substance called sodium. Sodium has a chemical that is forced to make solid particles in ice move faster. But because sugar does not have as much sodium as salt, it melts ice slower.

What happeneds to the speed of particles that are heavier?

Due to "inertia" and the nature of "mass", heavier particles require more energy to change their velocity. It takes more energy to make them move faster or slower or to change their "direction".

How can you make the particles in a solid move faster?

Just as with liquids and gases the molecules in a solid will become more mobile if you increase the amount of energy they have, the easiest way to do this is to apply heat.

Why does blowing on soup make it cool off faster?

The steam you see coming off a hot bowl of soup are the hotter, faster moving particles evaporating into the air, leaving slower-moving, cool particles behind. But these evaporated particles form a little cloud of vapor above the soup, which prevents the other hot particles from evaporating. When you blow on your soup, you blow away the vapor. This allows more of the faster moving particles to evaporate.

What has to be overcome for a solid to change to a liquid and a liquid to a gas?

The energy between particles. The particles must be heated so that there is no forces of attraction, therefore the solids particles can loosen into liquid particles and the liquids particles can loosen into gas, the heat energy is used to make the particles move faster

Does salt water make Lima beans grow faster or slower?

Salt water make Lima beans grow slower

How does the energy of particles differ in solid?

All matter is makes up moving particles. The particles of a solid make small movements rapidly in a fixed position. The particles of a liquid move faster and can slide over each other. Gas particles move very fast and are far apart. Good luck on ur test!! Have a lovely day!

How can heat change things?

it can change them between states of Matter: Gas,Liquid,Solid and it can make the materials particles move faster (higher temperature).

Does salt make snow melt slower?

No, it makes it melt faster.

Does adding heat make a substance flow slower or faster?

Faster! The heat lowers the viscosity of the fluid.

Does salt make water freeze faster or slower?

Salt does not make water freeze slower. However, if it was ice, the salt would melt the ice.

The particles of matter that make up a solid?

The same particles of matter that make up a solid are also the same particles of matter that make up a gas or a liquid. Basically matter consists of atoms. At the simplest level, the particles of atoms are electrons, protons and neutrons.

What is true about particles that make up solid matter?

The particles are closely packed together.

Which is true about particles that make up solid matter?

The particles are closely packed together.

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