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Do the police use 18 wheelers to transport their air support and swat vehicles?

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Typically, no. Wheeled vehicles can transport themselves, and air support vehicles can fly. If it's a tracked vehicle, it'll need to be transported, and what's used to transport it depends on the weight of the vehicle itself.

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What goes into a police report?

Police officers and Police vehicles.

What are the types of police in the world?

Uniformed, detectives, auxiliary, special police, military police, religious police, border police and transport police

Why are police vehicles painted police from back to front?

So people can easily recognize the vehicle as a police vehicle.

What are strobers?

Strobes are flashing lights, as on police vehicles.

What are the two police organisations that look after London?

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How many police cars in bergen county NJ?

Over 1000 police vehicles in the County

Is it illegal to put police on your car if you are not a police officer? can if he/she ask a nowadays some police are using public transport.

What transport is used by the police?

I think they must have tried EVERYTHING short of spacerockets :) Transport On Wheels :P

Can the Michigan State Police Motor Carrier stop non commercial vehicles?

Yes. They are police officers, the same as any other State Police Officer. Them being Motor Carrier Enforcement Officer simply means that their specialty is Commercial Vehicles - it doesn't mean their authority is limited only to commercial vehicles.

Where search to locate an owner of a vehicle by their license plate number?

The Department of Motor Vehicles(U.S.)or the Ministry of Transport(Can) should be able to help. However, if this is a criminal matter, the police can locate the owner through the National Crime Information Centre(N.C.I.C), or the Canadian Police Information Centre(C.P.I.C)

How many police forces are there in the UK?

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Can a officer pull multiple vehicles over at once?

Yes, a police officer can pull over multiple vehicles at once.

What has the author Robin Genat written?

Robin Genat has written: 'Modern police motorcycles in action' -- subject(s): Police vehicles, Motorcycles, Motorcycle police, Traffic police

Do Illinois Police have to have municipal plates?

No, within the past few years, marked police vehicles have switched from "M" plates to "MP" or Munucipal Police plates.

What has the author Ted L Stoica written?

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What is police in London?

London's police force is known as The Metropolitan Police, sometimes shortened to 'The Met'. There are also another two police forces in London - the City of London Police and the Transport Police - each of which have different roles to fulfil.

Top speed for a crown Victoria police interceptor?

Top speed for a Crown Victoria police interceptor is 140MPH. This is not because it is all that the car is capable of, it's because it's governed by the vehicles computer and will stop accelerating once it hits the top speed listed on the speedometer of 140MPH. I sell police vehicles for a living. To check out my credibility look up my company on Google: Martel Autos or Martel's Police Vehicles.

What happens to the cash for clunkers cars?

theyrrrr turned into police vehicles and firetrucks

What color are police lights in Ohio?

Red and Blue for law enforcement vehicles.

Do Arizona ransom laws re guarding vehicles apply to police impounded?


Police vehicles have flashing lights with one unique color?


How do you clear child support warrant?

Ensure that your child support is completly paid up to date and then take proof to your local police department. You can find out more information from either you state police, local police, or child support agencies website.

Do police officers have to be out in the open when clocking speeders or is it illegal for them to hide?

Legally, they can be anywhere - even disguised as non-police-type vehicles.

Where can you find an auction for cars in Watertown NY?

There are thousands of cars auctioned by various government agencies, including police seized vehicles, repossessions, and government surplus vehicles. I'd suggest contacting your local police department.

Why there is siren on police vehicles?

So that when the police are trying to catch a speeder or a rushing to a crime scene, people who are driving know to make way for the police so they can get there as fast as possible.