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Yes!People all over Europe celebrate Thanksgiving.

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How is Thanksgiving celebrated in Europe?

Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Europe. Only a few countries celebrate Thanksgiving and the United States and Canada are the main two.

When does Europe celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Day is not celebrated anywhere other than the US.

When do Europe people celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a North American Celebration, it is not celebrated in Europe. Thanksgiving is a feast started by the pilgrims who gave thanks to God for finally arriving in the new world ( America)

Do Cuba celebrate Thanksgiving?

No Cuba does not celebrate Thanksgiving.

How does Egypt celebrate Thanksgiving?

Egypt does not celebrate Thanksgiving.

Does irish celebrate Thanksgiving?

Ireland do not celebrate Thanksgiving.

Do Colombians celebrate Thanksgiving?

Everyone can celebrate thanksgiving.

Does Russia celebrate Thanksgiving?

No Russia Does Not Celebrate ThanksGiving.

How does Granada celebrate Thanksgiving?

Granada does not celebrate Thanksgiving.

Why do Japan celebrate Thanksgiving?

Japan does not celebrate thanksgiving.

How does Australia celebrate Thanksgiving?

Australia does not celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is not relevant to Austalian history.

How do you people in Spain celebrate Thanksgiving?

They don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is an American holiday.

Do people in France celebrate Thanksgiving?

no they don't celebrate Thanksgiving .

How does Scotland celebrate Thanksgiving?

Scotland does not celebrate Thanksgiving at all.

How do people celebrate Thanksgiving in Mexico?

they don't celebrate Thanksgiving.

How do Mexicans celebrate Thanksgiving?

Mexicans do not celebrate thanksgiving. But if your American Mexican, then yes, you can celebrate it.

Do people in turkey celebrate Thanksgiving?

They DO celebrate Thanksgiving in Turkey. They celebrate the same way we do.

Do people in Ireland celebrate Thanksgiving?

Americans and Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving.

Is it true that Christians cant celebrate Thanksgiving?

No, Christians celebrate Thanksgiving.

Do they celebrate Thanksgiving in Hawaii?

no. but sometimes they do celebrate thanksgiving in hawaii it depends

When did they celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

They celebrate Thanksgiving on Monday, October the 20th.

How do the Brazilian people celebrate Thanksgiving?

Brazilians don't celebrate thanksgiving

Do the Bahamas celebrate Thanksgiving?

yes we do celebrate thanksgiving we celebrate it by roasting pig and eating with our family.

How do samoans celebrate thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a US holiday. Samoans and other nations do not celebrate the US thanksgiving.

How does china celebrate Thanksgiving?

They don't celebrate Thanksgiving because they have their own traditions.

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