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The bank doesn't want the car either. It will probably be sold at auction to a dealer for the WHOLESALE price. You will still owe the difference between what you owed and what they get PLUS their expenses.

Banks are in the MONEY biz not the CAR biz. Yes, they will get $$$$ but not enogh, so naturally they want MO MUNY.

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What does the cerebellum of the brain do?

The cerebellum is a small area in the back of the brain that is important in sensory perception and coordination of voluntary movement and motor control (such as posture and balance).

If a car is repossessed from someone at a buy-here-pay-here lot then you take the car and it is given back who is responsible for the balance remaining?

Usually when your vehicle is repossessed it is auctioned off and the proceeds are applied to the balance of the loan after any commissions, fees or other charges are deducted. You are then responsible for the remaining balance.

How do you know how much is on your Nordstrom gift card?

You can call the number listed on the back of the card to find out the remaining balance on the account. Additionally, you can ask an employee of Nordstrom to check the balance for you if you are in the store.

What is the part of the brain that coordinates your muscles so you can walk?

The cerebellum (infratentorial or back of brain) is located at the back of the head. Its function is to coordinate voluntary muscle movements and to maintain posture, balance, and equilibrium.

What is your visa gift card worth?

The amount of your gift card should be on the paper the card was attached to. If it was removed, there is a number on the back you can call to get your remaining balance.

What happens after after a car is repossesed?

Your credit is shot to hell, you have no car, and you probably have to pay the remaining balance of whatever you owe minus the value of the car they took back.

Do have have to pay a title loan back even if they re-posses the vehicle?

They will try to collect the balance remaining after the sale if any difference left over.

What is cerebellar?

a large portion of the brain, serving to coordinate voluntary movements, posture, and balance in humans, being in back of and below the cerebrum and consisting of two lateral lobes and a central lobe.

If you voluntary turn back in a financed auto and the auto has been in an accident and you had no insurance coverage what are you libel for?

You are liable for everything. Fixing the car, paying for the car (the balance of the contract) and repo fees.

What is the meaning of Voluntary provision?

a voluntary provision is an act of giving freely without demanding for pay back, that is wholeheartedly.

What happens if you let a car go back?

They will sell it at auction for pennies on the dollar and then come after you for the remaining balance. They will often sue you if you have a garnishable job and then garnish your wages if you refuse to pay.

If you can't pay for your vehicle can you voluntarily turn in your vehicle?

Im pretty sure even if you did voluntarily hand it back you'd still have to pay the remaining balance. They won't just tanke back a car and call it good.

What happens to my credit if I voluntarily give my car back to the bank?

Even if surrendering a vehicle is voluntary, you will still be responsible for the amount owed on the loan after the sale of the vehicle. Most lenders report to the credit bureaus and any unpaid balance will be reported, as will payments made or missed on this balance.

What does it mean to tare the balance in biology?

To tare the balance is when, for example, you place a beaker on the balance and then click on the tear button which puts the balance back to zero. This putting the balance back to zero is called "tareing the balance".

If you voluntary give back your vehicle repo and they resale it any way they want do you still owe the whole bal or the difference?

You will generally owe the difference between the outstanding balance on the loan and what they were able to sell the car for.

What is standing back?

Remaining out of harms way.

You want to give back your truck to GMAC but it has a bent fender What would you do?

You need to specify if this is a lease or voluntary repo. You are going to ruin your credit for 7 years, and you are worried about a bent fender? It doesn't matter, they will sell the car anyway. After that you will still be responsible for the difference in what the car sells for and the balance on the note. Voluntary repossession is a stupid idea. Work something out with GMAC.

What is a sentence for remaining?

There are only two pieces of pie remaining.

How do you return an unpaid car?

If it is too difficult to maintain payments on a car loan, it is possible to voluntarily give it back to the creditor or dealership. In some states, however, a creditor can sue for the remaining balance owed on the loan.

Can you sell a car your making payments on?

Yes you can, however you still must pay back the balance of what you still owe.Yes you can, however you still must pay back the balance of what you still owe.Yes you can, however you still must pay back the balance of what you still owe.Yes you can, however you still must pay back the balance of what you still owe.Yes you can, however you still must pay back the balance of what you still owe.Yes you can, however you still must pay back the balance of what you still owe.

Would you still see the patient if they owed a back balance?

If the patient was trustworthy and I knew the patient would pay the back balance.

Why do the airplanes have wings in the back?

To provide more balance for the back of the airplane

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