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The bank doesn't want the car either. It will probably be sold at auction to a dealer for the WHOLESALE price. You will still owe the difference between what you owed and what they get PLUS their expenses.

Banks are in the MONEY biz not the CAR biz. Yes, they will get $$$$ but not enogh, so naturally they want MO MUNY.

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Q: Do they expect you to pay for the car's remaining balance with a voluntary repo if you turn it in and do not want it back?
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Can a lender make you pay the balance owed on the car if you voluntary give it back?

It would depend on the contract you had

If a car is repossessed from someone at a buy-here-pay-here lot then you take the car and it is given back who is responsible for the balance remaining?

Usually when your vehicle is repossessed it is auctioned off and the proceeds are applied to the balance of the loan after any commissions, fees or other charges are deducted. You are then responsible for the remaining balance.

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Do have have to pay a title loan back even if they re-posses the vehicle?

They will try to collect the balance remaining after the sale if any difference left over.

What happens after after a car is repossesed?

Your credit is shot to hell, you have no car, and you probably have to pay the remaining balance of whatever you owe minus the value of the car they took back.

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If you voluntary turn back in a financed auto and the auto has been in an accident and you had no insurance coverage what are you libel for?

You are liable for everything. Fixing the car, paying for the car (the balance of the contract) and repo fees.

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