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They make chewy prenatal vitamins but not gummy ones. Prenatal vitamins shouldn't be taken by children, just pregnant women. They have more vitamins than normal.

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Q: Do they make gummy prenatal vitamins?
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How effective are gummy prenatal vitamins compared to regular prenatal vitamins?

Gummy prenatal vitamins are just as effective as regular prenatal vitamins. They have the same vitamins and beneficial factor as a regular prenatal vitamin. Gummy prenatal vitamins are a good alternative because some regular prenatal vitamins may cause constipation.

I started taking spring valley's gummy prenatal vitamins i heard it help hair and nail growthwhen taking prenatal vitamins and youre not pregnant can it throw off your cycle and make it irregular?

Prenatal vitamins such as Spring Valley's gummy prenatal vitamins can be used to help hair and nail growth. It does not throw your cycle and make it irregular if you happen to not be pregnant. In fact many gynecologists actually prefer if you take prenatal vitamins before you become pregnant in order to prepare your body for pregnancy.

Gummy Prenatal Vitamins?

One of the hardest parts of taking prenatal vitamins is the awful taste. Many of them try to hide the flavor with unhealthy additives like chocolate. The best way to combat this issue is the use of gummy prenatal vitamins. These vitamins taste just like the candy because the chalkiness of the ingredients is hidden in the gelatin. This means that the mouth tastes more of the flavors from the gelatin than the chalkiness of the prenatal vitamins. There are other ways to hide the flavor but most of them are unhealthy. It is possible to enjoy taking prenatal vitamins.

Are vitafusion prenatal gummy vitamins for pregnancy only?

Yes.. If u are not preganant its not good to take them.

Where can my best friend find gummy prenatal vitamins?

Gummy vitamins are a great way to get the nutrients your body needs without having to take a bunch of pills. The company VitaFusion makes different types of gummy vitamins including prenatal vitamins. Your friend can buy them online from Amazon or may be able to get them at a local drug store or mega store like Wal-Mart or Target.

Why do prenatal vitamins make women sick?

No prenatal vitamins make the woman sick. It is due to the hormonal changes that you feel sick.

Taking Gummy Prenatal Vitamins Before And After Becoming Pregnant?

How to Choose a Prenatal VitaminPrenatal vitamins are intended to be taken by women both before becoming pregnant and throughout the actual pregnancy. Depending on the diet of the individual and other medical considerations, there might be a significant amount of vitamins that need to be taken every day, sometimes requiring several different of pills. Not all people handle swallowing multiple pills very well, especially women who are in the early stages of pregnancy. This is one of the reasons that gummy prenatal vitamins have become a popular alternative for women who need to supplement their daily nutritional intake.Gummy prenatal vitamins contain many of the same nutritional benefits as standard pill-based or liquid vitamins, but are wrapped in a pleasant and slightly sweet jelly that solidifies into a chewy candy-like form. The gummy vitamins can be flavored like candy. These vitamins are especially attractive to women who are experiencing the first stages of pregnancy where smell and taste might be heightened or altered, and who have problems eating and keeping food down due to morning sickness. In some cases, prenatal gummy vitamins are also easier to digest than certain types of pills that can be very harsh on the stomach.Although many of the ingredients that are used to make gummy prenatal vitamins are the same as those found in traditional solid pills, there are some advantages that the gummy carrier provides. One is that certain vitamins can be placed into the gummy formula in a higher concentration than is possible in solid forms. Vitamin D is one example of this, which is essential in a prenatal vitamin because of its importance in allowing the body to properly process calcium. Similarly, gummy prenatal vitamins can contain high concentrations of folic acid, zinc, and iodine.There are a few peripheral advantages in taking gummy prenatal vitamins over solid pills for those who have restricted diets or food intolerances. Gummy prenatal vitamins often contain few or no carbohydrates. They can also be made from exclusively plant-based sources so that vegetarians and others who cannot eat animal-based ingredients can safely receive their nutritional value. The only concern about gummy prenatal vitamins is if they are not properly kept away from children who might think they are candy and eat so many that they could develop vitamin toxicity.

Do prenatal vitamins make you sick?

That is not correct.

Do prenatal vitamins help breast growth?

I'm not pregnant and in my case, yes, the prenatal vitamins did make my breasts grow larger.

Can prenatal vitamins work better then birth control?

Prenatal vitamins are to make sure you have enough vitamins and minerals to support a pregnancy. Birth control is to prevent pregnancy. They have different purposes. Birth control does not support a pregnancy, and prenatal vitamins do not prevent pregnancy.

Do prenatal vitamins make your hair grow?

People claim it does.

Can you take expired prenatal vitamins?

I have some prenatal vitamins and they have expired can i still take them?

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