Do they make window guards to prevent children from falling for non-standard picture windows?

Yes they do. It's odd you should have asked this question because last night on Canada's Channel 11 news a child fell through a screened window. Police are stressing to parents that they shouldn't feel that safe with screening on windows. The child leaned over and the weight of the child crushed the screen. The child fell quite a distance and the child fell on a car (in hospital but doing well). Parents with children who have high windows in their home, apartment or condo should have safety wrought iron on their windows and not rely on screening. Also the patio areas of condos and apartments are considered equally dangerous and it showed that a child of 1 - 2 years old could very easily squeeze through between the posts and drop off on the other side. Children should NEVER be left unattented for any reason on a balcony or open windows.