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A needle aspiration is a very common method (having the fluid removed with a needle). It is normally numbed with a local anaesthetic first before it is drained. If you have ANY fears please discuss them with your doctor. Your doctor should have explained the procedure to you in the first place.

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How do you get lead out of your knee?

go to the doctors!

What type of doctors take pictures of a broken leg?

Because there is an arrow lodged in the knee! <--knee---{

What is the instrument doctors use to hit your knee?

Plessor or plexor

How do you recover from a hurt knee?

go to the doctors and see what they say to do.

Do you need a doctors note to where a knee brace in school?


What do doctors do with discarded knee on knee replacement surgery?

Typically they are burnt in an incinerator with all the other medical waste.

Can the cartlage in the knee be replaced?

Yes cartilage in Knee also can be replaced. It is a new technique called knee cartilage replacement. Not all doctors can perform it and selectively trained doctors are performing this procedure. It is also called Autologus Chondrocyte Implantation. Hope it helps.

Fluid on knee?

If you have fluid in the knee then you should put a pack of frozen peas on it and then put a hot water bottle on it this is only when you have been to the hospital before you do this or this could make a serious problem.

Does walking and standing on a knee with torn cartilage delay recovery?

It can be if it is without your doctors' approval.

Is there a permanent cure for water on the knee?

There is no permanent cure for water on the knee. There are temporary cures that last for a while though.

Can a knee be scraped to remove arthritis?

No there is no cure for arthritis When a knee is scraped the idea is to smothen the joint in the hope of reliving pain

What did rapper Drake injure?

while on stage, drake fell and injured his knee. the rapper has hurt his knee before. he will have to undergo surgery for his knee.

What are the things that doctors use to check your knees?

Reflex hammer is used to check tendon reflex of the patellar tendon at the level of the knee. Arthroscopy is used to check the knee, internally.

How common is total knee ligament replacement surgery?

The surgery is not complicated, however a total knee ligament replacement surgery is not common.

How do you remove a Daewoo immobilizer?

The first step to remove a Daewoo immobilizer control unit is to disconnect the negative battery cable. Remove the knee bolster panel and the instrument panel side cover. Unbolt the knee bolster and remove it. Unbolt the immobilizer unit. Finally, remove it and disconnect all electrical connectors.

How long is the hospital stay for removal of scar tissue after knee replacement?

there is no need to remove any scar tissue after a knee replacement

Water on knee with extreme pain feels like knee is going to buckle?

when i had water on my knee i was hurt all day long. it's feel like a Charlie horse but a bad one.

How do you land better on a knee board?

If you want to land better on a knee board, I find that right as you are about to hit the wake, lean back and right before you hit the water, bring your knees closer to you, which causes the front of the board to get lift so the back of the knee board hits the water and then the front comes down. I find that if I don't do that, I wobble a lot more.

What stop water on the knee?

it doesnt really help the local eco sytems but if you do want to water your knee plant some seeds first. if i have no idea what you are talking about sell your knee and buy a new one.

How much does it cost to remove water on the knee?

one million six hundred and eighty-seven thousand four hundred and ten dollars. give or take a buck.

What caused the Massacre at wounded Knee?

The Massacre at Wounded Knee was caused by the federal government attempting to forcefully remove the Native Americans to reservations. The Massacre at Wounded Knee occurred on December 29,1890.

What muscles plantar flex the ankle but do not flex the knee?

The Gastrocnemius and the Soleus flexes the knee and the foot. The Plantaris is an unimportant muscle. Many people do not have it and doctors tend to use this muscle for tendon graphs.

How long before you can bend your knee 100 percent after a knee replacement?

Some people can never bend it all the way afterwards. Also depends on what you could do before.

Can water on the knee be punctured and drained at home?

Yes, but expect to get a horrific infection that will probably cost you your leg. The "water" on the knee is an accumulation of fluid in and around the knee joint and is a bit deeper than you think and not always drainable. Also, since you are not a doctor, your diagnosis of "water on the knee" could be incorrect. A doctor would know best.

What exercises can I do for knee pain?

Some of the exercises that can be useful in helping knee pain include the chair knee extension and the heel slide knee extension. It is important to see a doctor before beginning an exercise program.