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I know that winchester does not make any model 1894 rifles in 25-35 win.caliber anymore.Ypu may find some older ones on the market,but they will not be cheap.Most rifles chambered in 25-35 were made prior to World War II.

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Did Winchester make a pump?

Yes, both rifles and shotguns.

What is the value of a 1925 Winchester 32 20 revolver?

Winchester did not make revolvers,only rifles and shotguns,even in the 1920,s.

Which companies manufacture 30 30 rifles?

30-30 rifles are not too commonly used, but there are a few companies that make them. Winchester and Hornady still manufacture the 30-30 rifle. Information about this rifle can be found on the manufacturer websites.

What year did Winchester make the first lever action rifles?

The first lever action rifle by Winchester was the Henry rifle.It was produced from 1860-1866.

Does Winchester still make shotguns?

Winchester Repeating Arms Company does not still make shotguns. The company was founded in 1866 by Oliver Winchester and was defunct on March 31, 2006.

Is 1967 Winchester 94 a disired model?

A Winchester model 1894 rifle made in 1967 may be desirable to some people,but the pre-64 model of the Winchester model 1894 is more desirable to collectors.The rifles made from 1894-1941 are the most desirable rifles of this make for collectors.

Who has parts for Winchester mod 450 air rifle?

See the link below for a list of people who make a living repairing older air guns. Currently Winchester air rifles are marketed through Daisy airgun company. Winchester air rifles have been made in Spain, Germany and Turkey under the Winchester brand name.

How many Winchester model 435 air rifle's were made in 1971?

There are no current records available at this time. Winchester rifles have been made by different makers. Some were made in Spain and some were made in Germany. Winchester doesn't make Air rifles, the name is licensed out to companies like Daisy air gun who has other manufactures make them for Daisy.

Who makes the best 308 rifle?

Sorry- there IS no ONE "best". Ruger, Browning, Winchester, Savage, Remington ALL make very good rifles- but there are also European makers that have great rifles.

Why no Winchester 94 serial numbers from 1943 - 1947?

because of world war II. Winchester was geared up for the war effort and producing rifles ammo etc.they did make some rifles for the consumer market but kept no direct records due to the amount of production for the war.

Do they still make browning rifles in Belgium?

AFAIK, only if you do a custom order.

Does Taurus still make 22 cal rifles?

The only rifles shown in the current on line catalog is the Thunderbolt line of .38/.357 pump action rifles. Sorry, no .22s.

Who makes the best lever action rifle?

Best is a very subjective term. Winchester, Marlin and Henry all make very good rifles.

How long did they make the 101 XTR?

A 101 XTR is a type of Winchester rifle. There are many different types of the XTR series. These rifles were produced from 1981 to 2004.

What riffle used 33-70 Winchester ammo?

Winchester never manufactured a "33-70" cartridge. Winchester did make a 33 W.C.F., and a 38-70 W.C.F. cartridge, both of which were chambered in the Model 1886 lever-action and the Model 1885 Single Shot rifles.

Who makes the best quality model 70 375 h and h mag rifle?

The model 70 refers to a specific make of rifle- the Winchester. Only Winchester makes Winchester rifles. Now, the best .375 H&H is a different question- I would say H&H- Holland and Holland.

What is a ballpark estimate for a 1875 Winchester lever action 30-30?

Winchester did not make a model 1875 rifle.The 30-30 cartridge was introduced with the model 1894 rifle in the year 1894.A value cannot be determined unless you provide a more detailed description of your rifles overall condition,and please include the serial number to date your rifles year of manufacture.

Who manfactures Winchester guns?

On August 15, 2006, Olin Corporation, owner of the Winchester trademarks, announced that it had entered into a new license agreement with Browning to make Winchester brand rifles and shotguns, though not at the closed Winchester plant in New Haven. Browning, based in Morgan, Utah, and the former licensee, U.S. Repeating Arms Company, are both subsidiaries of FN Herstal.

Did Winchester ever make an M1 Garand type rifle with a box magazine?

Do a search for Winchester M1 carbine... that will answer your questions.AnswerThe question was about the M1 Garand 30-06, not the .30 carbine. No it was not manufactured, but toward the end of WW2 some M1 rifles were modified in the field with the Browning 20-round box magazine. The American M14 and Italian BM-59 rifles were copies of the Garand action with an external box magazine, scaled down to fire the .308 Winchester (7.62mm NATO). AnswerWinchester produced the M1 Garand during the WWII years only.

Who makes the best 30 30 lever action rifle?

"Best" is a matter of opnion. Severak companies make very good rifles. The most popular in the US is the Winchester 94, followed by the Marlin 336. Several other companies have also made very good rifles.

How many Winchester model 55 take-downs did Winchester make?

Of the 20,580 Model 55 Rifles that were manufactured, appoximately 81% (or 16670) were Take Downs. The Solid Frame Model 55 is the rarest Winchester model configuration ever made. If you can provide me with the serial number and caliber, I can tell you whne it was made, and the overall statistical numbers.

Is a 308 Winchester different from a 308 Weatherby?

There is no such cartridge as a ".308" weatherby, only a .308 Winchester, interchangable with the 7.62 Nato. Once upon a time, Weatherby only made rifles in unique weatherby cartridge calibers, eg. .300 weatherby, .378 weatherby, .460 weatherby, etc. Now weatherby makes rifles in many non-weatherby cartridge calibers, including the .308 Winchester. Do not confuse a rifle manufacturer with the company name that may have introduced the cartridge in which the rifle may be chambered. To further get your head spinning, many cartridge companies make cartridges (all equivalent) in the .308 Winchester caliber including Winchester, Remington, federal, norma, and multiple European companies. The short answer is yes they are the same. If you see a weatherby rifle chambered in .308, (and not .308 Norma Magnum), it is a .308 Winchester caliber (Winchester rifles exist in .308 Winchester caliber). The weatherby rifle is most likely a weatherby 'Vangard' model (a cheaper line of rifles manufactured by weatherby). Top of the line weatherby model rifles are noted for their high prices, ornate stocks and high power weatherby calibers (the .460 weatherby magnum is the most powerful factory cartridge in the world, about 80% more muzzle energy than the .458 Winchester magnum, first sold in Winchester's African model 70 rifle).

Does Winchester still make a model 9422?

No production stopped when they closed the new haven plant in 2006 I believe.

What is the value of a Winchester model 30aw?

Winchester did not make a Model 30

What is the make of a Winchester model 70 7mm mag serial?

The MAKE is Winchester. That is the company that makes the rifle.

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